Basildon and Thurrock Hospital

Basildon and Thurrock


Dr Poorva Jain

Dr Shiva Dindyal

Postgraduate Centre

01268 524900 X8283

Interested in training at Basildon? Click here to read more about the hospital.


Bedford Hospital


Bedford website


F1 Year: Mr Dipankar Chattopadhyay

F2 Year: Mr Joby George Malal

Foundation Administrator

01234 795931 or 01234 355122

 Interested in working at Bedford Hospital? Click here for further information

East and North Herts Hospital

East and North Herts


​Dr Spencer Ellis (F1)

Dr Deepak Jain (F2) 

Dr Thida Win

Postgraduate Centre

01438 284076

Interested in working at Lister Hospital in Stevenage? Click here for further information.

Broomfield Hospital

Broomfield Hospital


Dr Daya Ashok

Dr Pawan Gupta

Postgraduate Centre

01245 515259

Interested in working at Broomfield Hospital in Mid Essex? Click here for further information.

Luton and Dunstable Hospital

Luton and Dunstable Hospital


Kah Wong

Postgraduate Centre

01582 497006

Interested in training at Luton & Dunstable? Click here to read more about the hospital.

Princess Alexandra Hospital

Princess Alexandra Hospital


Dr Preethi Gopinath 

Dr Monica Bose


Postgraduate Centre

01279 827298

Interested in training at Princess Alexandra? Click here to read more about the hospital.

Southend Hospital

Southend Hospital

Associate FTPDs

Fiona Hayes

Dr Ali Rathore

Postgraduate Centre

01702 385082

Interested in training at Southend? Click here to read more about the hospital.

West Herts Hospital

West Herts Hospital


Dr Latha Thangaraj - F1

Dr Mamatha Kumar - F1 

Dr Deepan Vyas - F2

Dr Claire Shine - F2

Postgraduate Centre

01923 217323

Interested in working at West Herts? Click here for further information on the hospital.

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