Educational and Clinical Supervisors

Educational and Clinical Supervisors

The General Medical Council is now requiring formal processes to approve two categories of medical educators: Educational and Clinical Supervisors.

The approval process is overseen by Health Education England (HEE) in each of its LETB areas. HEE East of England is overseeing our scheme.

In the East of England Public Health training programme, we have made a clear distinction between Educational and Clinical Supervisors.

In brief, an Educational Supervisor has a reponsibility for a trainee for the duration of their training programme - wherever they are working. A Clinical Supervisor has day-to-day supervisory responsibilities in the workplace - and changes with the workplace. The distinction is described in the Training programme management document on this page.

We have agreed the approval criteria for Educational and Clinical Supervisors which follows the HEEoE guidance, but tailored to the public health programme.

The programme also allocates an Academic Supervisor. These individuals are Clinical Supervisors with specific expertise in academic public health.

There are a range of documents on this page explaining the role of Educational and Clinical Supervisors.

The official HEEoE Job Description for a Clinical Supervisor is found in the Service Delivery Standard document "SDS 01" and in "SDS 01A" for an Educational Supervisor- see FAQ button lower down.

Dr Mashbileg Maidrag (based at Suffolk County Council) is TPD supporting the development of Educational and Clinical Supervisors in the public health programme. Please contact Dr Mashbileg Maidrag for further information.

Trainees in difficulty or with difficulties

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How to apply to be an Educational or Clinical Supervisor

Contact the Training Programme Director for Faculty Development: Dr Mashbileg Maidrag and complete the application form

What is the difference between an Educational and Clinical Supervisor

Read the Training programme management document for details

Academic supervisors

All registrars will be allocated an Academic Supervisor.

This individual can be approached for expert guidance to improve the academic rigour of a piece of work a registrar is undertaking.

HEE Service Delivery Standards

Health Education East of England has developed a range of service delivery standards which apply to all education providers.

The link to these standards is here.

Of particular note is:

  • SDS 01 which includes the Job Description for a Clinical Supervisor.
  • SDA 01A which includes the Job Description for an Educational Supervisor.