Public Health Practitioner Scheme- Welcome!

The scheme was launched in December 2014 and as of February 2020, there are 38 registered practitioners with a further 16 currently developing portfolios.

Public Health Practitioners are key members of the Public Health workforce and can have a great influence on the health and wellbeing of individuals, groups, communities and populations.  They work across the full breadth of Public Health from health improvement and health protection, to health information, community development and nutrition, in a wide range of settings from the NHS and local government to the voluntary and private sectors.

As well as supporting practitioners to develop a retrospective portfolio for registration with UKPHR, there is a comprehensive programme of master classes designed to support the wider public health workforce. These sessions are suitable for everyone working in public health settings and there is no cost. For further information please click on the CPD link to the right.

If you are interested in becoming a UKPHR registered practitioner, please complete the short online introductory course here and then register your interest by emailing 

To be eligible to join the East of England Scheme, you need to work in one of the following counties: Essex, Suffolk, Norfolk, Cambridgeshire, Bedfordshire or Hertfordshire and Milton Keynes. If you are working in a different area please see the UKPHR website here   You also need to have been working at Level 5 or above for two years, as defined by the Skills for Health Career Framework

The process to gain UKPHR Registration- UPDATED MARCH 2020- this is still going ahead in light of the Covid-19 response- all sessions are remote.

Practitioner expresses interest (EoI form) and is added to Development Cohort to receive updates on CPD opportunities and details of forthcoming events. (See form below)

Completes the UKPHR online Introductory course

Application to join the scheme is completed, consisting of line managers approval, CV, JD and agreement to complete within 18 months. (See application pack below)

Attends (virtually) a Portfolio Skills session (4hrs) led by AS. Clear plan of action now in place. 

Is added to the KHub network and given access to templates and guidance documents (and online resources). Practitioners encouraged to link with existing practitioners and registered practitioners and assessors for informal mentoring

Must dial into the monthly Zoom practitioner video conference which consists of all EofE practitioners at different stages in their progress. New practitioners have the opportunity to learn from more experienced ones

Sends 1st draft of commentary 1 which consists of 4 Standards plus evidence to AS to ensure they are on the right track and understand the requirements

Practitioner continues portfolio development with monthly support from the Zoom conference calls 

Additional one to one support provided by AS where required and encouraged to use the informal mentoring from colleagues.

Application for assessor completed when 1st commentary is ready and 2nd commentary is in draft form.

Practitioner is then given access to the e portfolio system and continues with the remote support until completion


For more information on the East of England Scheme, please contact

Alix Sheppard, Scheme Coordinator

M. 07708 705150





Can I start my portfolio now?

Yes! We actively encourage members of the public health workforce to begin developing their portfolio for registration at the earliest opportunity. 

The first step is to complete the online course detailed above and register your interest with the scheme coordinator. Portfolio Skills workshops are held twice a year in Cambridge which you can attend, and then monthly Commentary Writing Days are held to bring together practitioners as they write their portfolios, offering guidance and mutual support.

It is a challenging process but well worth it!

"I feel more credible as a practitioner which can only be helpful moving forward It has exposed me to more development opportunities that I have been able to take advantage of"

"Writing commentaries has made me realise what I have achieved- a real confidence boost It has been helpful in thinking about our careers moving forward"

" I am surprised by how the process of writing in a more reflective way has made me think differently"

"Getting to know others working in different areas of practice and understanding the scope of their work has been valuable and the network is one we can take forward with us"

I am interested in becoming a UKPHR Assessor/Verifier

These roles contribute to your own CPD and career development as full training is provided by UKPHR in assessment and quality assurance techniques.

Please email

What CPD opportunities are available?

The whole process of developing a portfolio enables you to review your key public health knowledge and skills, identifying areas for further development. We have commissioned the Faculty of Public Health Accredited Practitioner Programme, a series of 6 half day workshops delivered in Cambridge between March and November 2020.

Please email for further information

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