It's important that you know who you should contact for advice or support during your training.

The Applicants' Handbook will answer most, if not all of your recruitment questions. You can also refer to the GMC website for guidance on registration and the UKFPO website for information on national recruitment policy.

There is a careers lead in each Trust and you can visit our Careers Support page or for advice. If you have questions that are specific to your personal situation and which are not answered in our Foundation FAQ, please see below.

Advice and support

Your training programme

Discuss your training needs with your Educational and Clinical Supervisors at your employing Trust.

Contact the Foundation Programme Administrator/Medical Education Manager at your employing Trust with queries about policy and procedure relating to your training programme.

Community based trainers are available in General Practice, Psychiatry and Public Health.


Changes to your personal situation

Consult the Foundation Training Programme Director at your employing Trust on any proposed changes to your training programme.

Please speak to your Trust if there are any changes to your situation which may affect your training, and you wish to discuss options such as maternity leave, transfers, training less than full time or leaving the programme.



Travel Expenses

Click here to read the HEEoE policy on the reimbursement of removal or rotational travel expenses for trainee doctors.

Email the Relocation Expenses team at HEEoE if you have any queries.

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