Academic Training

If you see yourself as a researcher, a healthcare leader or a medical educator, an Academic Foundation Programme (AFP) may be for you.

Academic foundation doctors are required to follow the same curriculum and to meet the same foundation outcomes as other foundation doctors, but must also complete additional academic work within the same two-year period. Therefore, AFP applicants should have excellent clinical skills and a strong record of academic achievement.

We are not able to share with applicants the specific shortlisting criteria for any of the posts. Application forms will be reviewed by a clinical panel and a score awarded which will be added to your decile. Each of our three academic units of application have their own shortlisting criteria and this is not undertaken by the Foundation School. Applicants are not required to upload a curriculum vitae with their application.



Essex, Beds and Herts Foundation School (EBHFS)

As part of a two year Foundation Programme, Anglia Ruskin University provide 8 foundation doctors with placements at Basildon and Southend.

 The University of Hertfordshire provide 6 foundation doctors with placements in F2, at East and North Herts or Luton.

Specialties include geriatric medicine, trauma and orthopaedics, vascular surgery, respiratory medicine and general practice.

Addenbrooke's Hospital, Cambridge also offer 3 foundation doctors with the opportunity to undertake a four month academic research placement in F2 as part of a two year Foundation Programme. These programmes are linked to the University of Cambridge but fall under the auspices of EBHFS and not EAFS (EBH - 17/EBH/01/AFP/RWH01/01 - 3) 

  • The interview structure at EBHFS consists of a single panel with a balance of clinical and academic questions. No presentation is required.



East Anglia Foundation School (EAFS)

Addenbrooke's Hospital, Cambridge and Norfolk and Norwich University Hospital, Norwich provide 33 foundation doctors with the opportunity to undertake a four month academic research placement in F2 as part of a two year Foundation Programme.

Specialties include medicine, surgery, neurosciences, perioperative medicine, general practice and public health.

The Rough Guide to the Academic Foundation Programme offers detailed information on the application process and programme content, but you can contact with any queries.

  • The interview structure at Cambridge consists of a single panel with both clinical and academic questions. At UEA there are four different stations: Application Form, Clinical Scenarios, Teaching/Communications and Research. No presentation is required.


Moving your Interview

Please email the Foundation School Administrator if you urgently need to move your interview date or time. It may be possible for you to exchange appointments with another candidate.

Recruitment Timeline

Timeline for East of England Foundation Programmes - Academic Recruitment August 2018 

View available Academic foundation programmes. AFPs in each AUoA are available to view on Oriel.

21 August 2017

Registration period. All programmes are available to view.

 25 September 2017


Complete the online application form for both the Foundation Programme and if required the Academic Foundation Programme. The application period closes at 12.00 noon (BST) on 13 October 2017. Late applications will not be accepted under any circumstances.

2-13 October 2017

Deadline for requests for pre-allocation to a particular UoA on the grounds of special circumstances.

13 October 2017

AFP local short-listing and interviews. Deadlines and processes for short-listing and interviews will vary by AUoA. Each AUoA will communicate with the applicants who apply to it.

From 16 October 2017

EAFS interview dates (Cambridge) 27, 28, 29 & 30 November 2017
EBH interview date  21 November 2017
EAFS interview date (Norwich) 11 December 2017 
National SJT Dates 1 December 2017, 8 January 2018

AFP national offers date: all e-mails sent via Oriel.

17 January 2018

National deadline for acceptance/reject offers 20 January 2017 by midday
First national cascade of offers 24 January 2018 – 09.00am
National deadline for acceptance/reject offers (cascade 1) TBC
Second national cascade of offers TBC
National deadline for acceptance/reject offers (cascade 2) TBC
Third national cascade of offers TBC
National deadline for acceptance/reject offers (cascade 3) TBC
Travel Reimbursement

Unfortunately it's not possible to reimburse travel expenses for either Cambridge or Norwich interviewees.

The panel may be able to offer interview feedback following confirmation of the outcome.

It's not possible to provide feedback on your application.

Reserve List

If you have been placed on the reserve list you will be notified via FPAS. Following initial offers for AFP places, AUoAs will offer any unfilled places to applicants on the reserve list through a cascade process. FPAS will be used to inform successful AFP applicants of any offers being made and all offers will have to be accepted or declined on FPAS before the stated deadline. Any AFP applicants who are not successfully placed will be automatically included in the FP process and allocated to a UoA. Further information and a link to the Handbook can be found here.

Skype Interviews

Neither of our Foundation Schools offer Skype interviews - even if your elective period coincides with the interview dates. Therefore you must attend in person. If you have a medical condition or caring responsibility which precludes you from attending any of the interview dates, you should contact the Foundation School Administrator directly for advice.