Trainee Information:

Welcome to the rotation.  Here are a few things you need to be aware of when you start out as a registrar.

JRCPTB — within the first three months of your post you must enrol with the Joint Royal College of Physicians Training Board. If you wish for LAT posts to be counted towards your time in training this must be agreed with them in advance. A fee is payable upon enrolment. In return you will receive a copy of the curriculum plus information about e-portfolio (currently still in development) The JRCPTB is responsible for publishing forms and guidance on assessments (see Assessments).

Pay - For information in respect of pay and terms and conditions of service you should contact your employing trust's medical staffing department..


Work Based Assessments — the requirements are changing annually, but will comprise a number of the following:

  • Mini-CEX
  • DOPS (directly observed procedural skills)
  • sub section: Syringe driver set-up and Paracentesis are compulsory over the 4 years
  • MSF (multi-source feedback) formerly known as 360 degree assessment
  • sub section: Currently an annual requirement
  • are likely to include in the future:
  • sub section: Case Based discussion
  • Patient survey
  • Assessment of audit
  • Assessment of teaching

These are set against the curriculum drawn up by the RCP. The required number must be completed each year and will be checked at your annual review. It is the responsibility of the trainee to ensure the required number and type of assessments are carried out.

It is recommended that trainees meet with their Educational Supervisor prior to, or shortly after, commencing in post to discuss their 'job plan' and requirements for the year. They should also meet half-way through and then at the end of the post, to review progress made and to consider future needs. A number of competencies and skills must be signed off against the curriculum during the training period.

See the JRCPTB website for Assessment forms and updates.

RITA (Record of In-Training Assessment) and ARCP (Annual Review of Competency Progression)

Currently trainees are invited to attend annually to meet and discuss the progress of their training. The purpose of the meeting is to ensure that trainees are making satisfactory progress and that they are able to move on to the next year of training. Usually present at this meeting are:

  • Associate Dean
  • Chair of the Speciaty Training Committee
  • Programme Director

You may be asked to make a presentation about your achievements over the previous year and plans for the forthcoming year. You will be required to provide evidence of your achievements, for example:

  • Study days attended, with programme
  • Teaching sessions given, with evidence of feedback
  • Weekends on-call worked (eg copy of rota)
  • Completed assessments
  • Copies of audits / research undertaken