All trainees within the anaesthetic and ICM training programmes are required to undertake an Annual Review of their Competency Progression – the ARCP.  In the East of England School of Anaesthesia currently each annual assessment is carried out through a meeting between the trainee and a specialty-based panel.


How will I know when my ARCP is?

You will be notified at least 6 weeks before the date of your ARCP.  For August starters you should expect to have your ARCP in June or July. For February starters yours will usually be in November, December or January.

What evidence do I need to provide before my ARCP?

The process is not an assessment of you but an assessment of the submitted evidence that is presented by you. Please read the letter/email that you are sent carefully it will detail exactly what you need to upload to your Eportfolio and what you need to bring with you. The evidence is reviewed by the panel prior to the meeting, and therefore must be present on the eportfolio one week before your ARCP. You will not be “chased” to provide this documentation by the required date and should be aware that failure to do so can result in an unsatisfactory outcome being awarded.

In previous years the following has been requested.

  • Email to HEEoE three weeks before your ARCP:
  • Enhanced Form R
  • Upload to your e-portfolio and assign to your ARCP before the deadline date 7 days before your ARCP (Please be aware that your e-portfolio will be locked at this date and will not be re opened):
  • Fully completed Educational Supervisor’s Structured Report (ESSR) which should include
  • Multisource feedback (NB takes approximately eight weeks to complete)
  • Evidence of Completion of Units of Training, completed on e-portfolio
  • Scanned copy of EoE work book if relevant
  • RCOA logbook summaries for the year being reviewed (see RCOA CCT appendix 4)
  • Exam attempts and their outcome. Upload evidence of success for any parts of the FRCA passed
  • Consultant Feedback - separate from the MSF
  • IAC (both pages – CT1 trainees only)
  • IACOAC (both pages – CT2 trainees only)
  • Any courses/simulation training/meetings attended
  • Posters/publications/presentations
  • Audit/Quality improvement activity
  • Any research undertaken (academic trainees need to also complete the separate academic training report sent by HEEoE)
  • An up to date CV
  • Any compliments
  • Any incidents and associated reflection
  • Plan for the year ahead
What evidence do I need to bring to my ARCP?

Your invitation letter will explain if you need to bring anything with you. In previous years we have asked trainees to bring:

  • The anonymous trainee questionnaire (all trainees)
  • Completed Core Level Training Certificate signed by College Tutor (CT2 trainees only)
  • Completed Intermediate Level Training Certificate signed by College Tutor (ST4 trainees only)
  • Completed Notification of Completion of Training Form (ST7 trainees only)
Who will be on the panel?

The panel will be made of representatives from Health Education East of England and the School of Anaesthesia. There may also be a lay member and/or an external member representing the College (assessing the panel rather you). Your College Tutor is not usually a member of the panel but may come along to support you in some instances.

What are the possible outcomes?

The possible outcomes are detailed on the assessment and revalidation section of the HEEoE website.

You should aim for an Outcome 1 most years apart from CT2 and ST7 when you are completing the training program and will hopefully be awarded an outcome 6.


Can I appeal my outcome?

The process for appealing in detailed here.

What is the form R?

Information about the form R is available on the revalidation and assessment section of the HEEoE website.

I'm worried about my ARCP- who can I speak to?

If you are concerned about your ARCP please discuss your concerns with educational supervisor and your college tutor.  They will be able to either help you or direct  you appropriately to someone who can.

How do I document reflection?

Reflection is an important part of all doctors' professional development, and is especially important when things have not gone well. It can be documented as a personal activity in the library on the e portfolio or a file uploaded. It should be assigned to the ARCP on the ESSR under the heading of Personal Reflection. No personal identifiers should be included, and it should focus on lessons learnt. There was a helpful article published in the RCoA Bulletin:

Please also see the Dean's statement on trainee reflections at the bottom of this page.

What forms do I need for my ARCP as an academic trainee?

Please use the e portfolio and ESSR to prepare for your ARCP in the same way as other trainees. In addition, the Academic Progress Report  (attachment at bottom of page) is to support the annual review of any trainee who, since their previous ARCP has been:

  • in an Academic Clinical Fellowship or Clinical Lecturer post; or
  • registered for MD(res), MPhil or PhD; or
  • undertaking any training, trust grade or fellowship post with ≥25% WTE (usually 12 hours per week) dedicated to research; or
  • out of programme for research (OOPR) or OOPE with ≥25% WTE research

Please upload the completed form to your e portfolio.