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Since August 2013, ICM training is appointed to via a national recruitment programme which is designed to culminate in the award of a CCT in ICM. Trainees are recruited following successful completion of an appropriate core training programme (acute care common stem of all base specialities, core anaesthetic training or internal medical training) via a nationally coordinated selection process by the ICMRO.

Trainees in ICM commonly acquire a CCT in a complementary specialty, which will result in the award of a dual-CCT. Presently the accredited complementary specialties are acute medicine, anaesthesia, emergency medicine, renal medicine and respiratory medicine. Those trainees dual accrediting now also have the option of acquiring a CCT in general internal medicine (GIM), giving triple accreditation on the specialist register.
The Faculty of Intensive Care Medicine
The Faculty of Intensive Care Medicine is the professional body responsible for the training, assessment, practice and continuing professional development of ICM Doctors and ACCPs in the UK. The FICM website contains a wealth of information regarding ICM training you can access it here.
Each Deanery in the UK has at least one Regional Advisor (RA) in ICM, appointed by the FICM. The RA is the local point of contact for those trainees interested in training in ICM and has regional responsibility for the promotion of ICM and the provision of advice to trainees. The RA is supported at a local level by Faculty Tutors; consultants appointed to supervise the training of doctors undertaking the Faculty’s training programmes in ICM. Each unit in the Eastern region has a Faculty Tutor the list of their names can be found via the RA.


The new ICM curriculum Supporting excellence was introduced in August 2021 in accordance with the GMC's Excellence by design framework. 

A link to the curriculum can be found HERE

Relating to the curriculum:


ARCP for ICM typically will occur in June of each year, as ICM specialty intake occurs once a year in August.

There may also be additional review points with the TPD/Regional Advisor at particular milestones of training.

To aid in preparation, FICM have produced an ARCP checklist

Any queries related to the organisational aspects of ARCP should be directed to Rose Berry (


FFICM preparation

If you have any comments/ suggestions, advice for those preparing for the FFICM or stumble across any good resources, please email the regional trainee representatives.

Official examinations website

  • Full details are available on the FICM website here

Useful resources

Refer to the exam page of this website


The 2021 curriculum has brought with it a FICM-specific platform on the Lifelong Learning Platform (LLP), hosted by the Royal College of Anaesthetists.

Assessments come relating to a number of High Level Learning Outcomes (HiLLO) where an increasing level of competence is obtained as progress is made through the training pathway. Each HiLLO is then signed off with the completion of a learning outcome form (LOC)

There is currently no ICM-specific logbook on LLP. FICM provides the following guidance on maintaining an ICM-specific logbook.

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