Workforce, training and education
East of England

Contact Details for the East of England School of Anaesthesia 


Head of School of Anaesthesia

Dr Helen Goddard- Head of School of Anaesthesia

Dr Emily Simpson- Deputy Head of School of Anaesthesia

Regional Advisor and Deputy Regional Advisors for Anaesthesia

Regional Advisor for Anaesthesia

Dr Emily Simpson - Chelmsford

Deputy Regional Advisors for Anaesthesia

Core and ACCS Trainees

Dr Hasanthi Gooneratne - Colchester


Intermediate / Higher / Advanced Trainees / MTI

Dr Eschtike Schulenburg (Addenbrooke's)

Training Programme Director for ICM

Training Programme Director for ICM 

Dr Natasha Lawrence - Chelmsford

Dr Coralie Carle- Peterborough

Regional Advisor for Pain

Dr Nofil Mulla


Training Programme Directors

Core Trainees South

Dr Nina Walton - Chelmsford


Core Trainees North and ACCS Trainees

Dr Lynda Menadue - Addenbrooke's


Intermediate / Higher / Advanced Trainees South

Dr Ahilan Pathmanathan


Intermediate / Higher / Advanced Trainees North

Dr Helen Underhill - Addenbrooke's



Dr Natasha Lawrence - Chelmsford

Dr Coralie Carle - Peterborough


TPD, Quality Lead

Dr Eschtike Schulenburg - Addenbrooke's



College Tutors for Anaesthesia

Addenbrooke's, CUH

Dr Tracey Christmas -

Dr Christine Tjen -

Dr Laura Kessack -



Dr Angukumar Thangamuthu -


Basildon, Essex Cardiac Centre

Dr Gyanesh Namjoshi -



Dr Indrani Banerjee -



Dr Fiona Yau -

Dr Joana Neves -



Dr Steve Cole -



Dr Augusto Mauro -



Dr Siobhan King (stage 2) -

Dr Ben Scoones (Stage 1) -


James Paget, Gt Yarmouth

Dr Lalani Induruwage -


Lister, Stevenage

Dr Hassan Iqbal -

Dr Henry Reynolds -


Luton & Dunstable

Dr Loku Warnapura -


Norfolk & Norwich

Dr Jonathon Francis -

Dr Jasmine Kaur -



Dr Ganesh Ramalingam -



Dr Lynda Menadue -


Princess Alexandra, Harlow

Dr Anuvidya Reddy -  


QEH, King's Lynn

Dr Stuart Greenhill -



Dr Giridhara Bhat -


Watford General

Dr Rupinder Kaur -

Dr Shivali Patel -


West Suffolk

Dr Mayank Kulshrestha -


FICM Tutors

Dr Stephen Ford


Addenbrooke's, CUH

Dr Jonathan Coles

FICM Tutor

Addenbrooke's NCCU, CUH

Dr Vikram Malhotra

FICM Tutor

Addenbrooke's NCCU, CUH

Dr Michael Sunwai FICM Tutor Basildon

Dr Anirudda Pai

FICM Tutor


Dr Abhay Vaidya

FICM Tutor


Dr Aung Iwin

FICM Tutor


Dr Stephen Cole

FICM Tutor


Dr Richard Lloyd

FICM Tutor


Dr Andrew Taylor FICM Tutor Ipswich

Dr Dagmar Holmquist

FICM Tutor

Harlow, PAH

Dr James Garvey

FICM Tutor

James Paget

Dr Anil Kambli

FICM Tutor


Dr. Nazia Ijaz

FICM Tutor

Luton & Dunstable

Dr Jemma Looker

FICM Tutor

Norfolk & Norwich

Dr Lenka Cagova

FICM Tutor


Dr Rachel D'Oliveiro FICM Tutor Papworth rachel.d'

Dr Henry Nash

FICM Tutor

Dr Daniel Walter Deputy FICM Tutor Peterborough

Dr Alla Belhaj

FICM Tutor


Dr Gayathri Wijewardena

FICM Tutor

Queen Elizabeth, Kings Lynn


FCIM Tutor

West Suffolk


Trainee Representatives for Anaesthesia and ICM

Contact all the trainee reps via the shared email:


Higher Trainee Reps

Dr Harriette Beard

Dr Caroline Philips

Dr Lara Allen 


Core Trainee Reps

Dr Adam Robinow

Dr Erika Refsum



Dr Erin Hopley 

Dr Faiz Chemban


Dr Nichelle Saldanha

LTFT Leads

Dr Nina Walton - Consultant, Chelmsford

Dr Laura Kessack - Consultant, Cambridge 

Academic Leads

Academic Leads


Dr Jonathon Coles - Addenbrooke's

Dr Caroline Reavley - NNUH

Education and Online Learning Leads

Education Lead

Dr Hasanthi Gooneratne 






Lifelong Learning Platform Leads

RCoA Life Long Learning Platform


The LLLP can be accessed here:

College LLLP email address for help:


Local contacts for assistance:

Dr Emily Simpson

School Administrator

Chris Beynon- Specialty Administrator for Anaesthesia 

Elena Teodor- Specialty Administrator for Intensive Care Medicine 

Cambridge University Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust
Addenbrookes Hospital
Deakin Center, Box No: 147, Hills Road
Cambridge, CB2 0QQ



Deputy Postgraduate Dean
Helen Johnson
Deputy Postgraduate Dean
Faculty Account Manager

Faculty Account Manager


Katie Driver

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