Stage 1 Training in Anaesthesia in the East of England, 2021 Curriculum


Stage 1 of training consists of three years. It forms the start of a career in anaesthesia and gives a trainee a comprehensive introduction to elective and emergency anaesthetic practice and preoperative care.

All hospitals with trainees are recognised to provide the RCOA curriculum for Stage 1 training, leading to the CCT in anaesthesia. CCT Guides are available in full from the RCOA website.

Rotations consist of 2 years in one hospital, and one year in another, in order to deliver the curriculum requirements. The School has tried to keep the hospitals as geographically close to each other as feasible. These rotations are accepted at the time of appointment, to allow time to plan domestic arrangements.

Changes in hospital placement once rotations have been accepted, are only permitted at core training level under exceptional circumstances. Which will require discussion with the relevant Training Programme Director and subsequently Deputy Postgraduate Dean. Trainees in this situation would be expected to fulfil requirements and apply for an interdeanery transfer.

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For trainees remaining on the 2010 curriculum, click here to access the core training workbook.

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