Stage 2 and Stage 3 Training in Anaesthesia in the East of England, 2021 Curriculum


National recruitment to Specialty Training in Anaesthesia occurs in the final year of Core/Stage 1 training.

Stage 2 consists of two years (ST4 and 5) and Stage 3 also consists of two years (ST6 and 7).

On completion of specialty training with evidence of satisfactory progress the trainee is recommended for a CCT in Anaesthesia.


East of England anaesthetic trainees can expect to train across at least 3 hospitals during Specialty Training in order to meet the curriculum requirements.

Stage 2 typically consists of 2 years in one hospital and Stage 3 typically consists of 12 months in one of the teaching centres and 12 months in one of the District General Hospitals.

The Stage 2 placements are accepted at the time of appointment and The School will try to keep Stage 3 placements as geographically feasible as possible whilst tailored to the training needs of each trainee.


For information regarding the 2021 Anaesthetic Curriculum:


Any trainee completing anaesthetic training after the end of January 2024 will need to have transferred to the 2021 curriculum. Specialty trainees currently in post will be advised at the time of their ARCP in Summer 2021 or Spring 2022 when they are transitioning to the 2021 Curriculum. This will be led by the Training Programme Directors.


Click here for information about Stage 1 training in the East of England School of Anaesthesia.

Click here to access information about regional teaching and simulation courses.

Sunday, 8 August, 2021
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Sunday, 8 August, 2021