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Join us online?

We aim to advertise study days and relevant regional, national and international events for those who like social media and find it useful to share information there. We also share articles and other resources which we feel trainees might find interesting and useful. 

The pages are public and can be followed by anyone who has an interest in Paediatrics. East of England trainees will receive relevant information on study days and regional events separately via the official mailing list. 

Social media is a mobile friendly format to get your dose of reading, which you can log on e-portfolio as self-directed learning! What could be better?!


On Facebook we have 

  • over 1000 page followers

  • over 900 likes

  • some of our posts quickly become very popular. On Facebook one of our posts was re-shared over 350 times with a reach of over 50k people!!

Does it help?


We showed that Social media helps trainee engagement in a geographically large deanery like the East of England. 

Communication with Team:

If you want to post on our Facebook page, you can send a Facebook message to the page. Alternatively, you can email Manigeh who will get in touch with one of us. For twitter if you want to share any updates simply tweet adding @eastpaeds

Our Social Media Team:

Helen Couch & Francesca Seregni – Paediatric Trainees

Nikhil Ganjoo – Paediatric Consultant 

Monday, 5 October, 2020
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Monday, 5 October, 2020