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East of England ‘Stepping Up’ Programme

Why is ‘Stepping up’ needed?

Following a successful pilot, from September 2017 to August 2019, which was rolled out in the Wessex and East of England, this initiative was continued in these regions and rolled out nationally.

Stepping up supports the transition of senior trainees stepping up into new consultant roles. Our Stepping Up programme supports the five year period from RCPCHStart (Specialty Trainee 7+) to the end of year three consultancy. It does this through a regional network of doctors and a range of learning resources.


About the programme

There is demand for more support in the difficult transition phase from senior trainee to new consultant. Trainees are supported throughout the training programme to develop skills to work independently as consultants. 

This is a regional network for senior trainees (post-RCPCH Start ST7s and up) and new consultants (up to three years into consultancy) can help prepare senior trainees for the transition. It can also support new consultants working in an increasingly challenging working environment, improving morale and encouraging entrants to paediatrics longer term.


Contact for the EoE regional champion


Future Meetings

The aim is to have three meetings for the cohorts in the virtual or face to face format based on the current circumstances. This will be moving primarily to a Virtual Platform keeping up with the changing times.

Dates for future meetings will be shared via social media.

Twitter Stepping up - RCPCH stepping up East of England @steppingupeoe

Also, to sign up to future events please contact


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