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Welcome to the East of England School of Paediatrics and Child Health website.

I hope that you will find the information on these pages useful. Not only does it give details of training available in the 17 Trusts across the East of England, the information will include the names of the clinical tutors, details about staffing and how the hospitals operate.

I am very proud of the high quality training that is delivered in these hospitals. By April 2010 we completed visits to every paediatric department in the school. Each has its particular strengths and we use these to develop a trainees experience over the whole of the 8 year training programme.

We are a geographically diverse Deanery and where possible, we try to devise family friendly rotations to deliver the best possible training tailored to individuals needs whilst minimising disruption and travel. You will see that we provide information about speciality training across the Deanery. We offer grid training in a number of specialties including neonatal intensive care, respiratory medicine, oncology/haematology, neurology, neuro-disability and endocrinology. Importantly, in the last two years, we have developed a number of regionally based years 6, 7 and 8 specialty training rotations to allow you to become a consultant with a special interest in a particular area such as paediatric neurology, respiratory paediatrics, endocrinology, cardiology, and neonatal intensive care. We hope to develop further rotations allowing training in metabolic medicine, nephrology and emergency medicine. These rotations may involve out of programme training in other Deaneries. We aim to develop international links to allow our trainees to gain some experience overseas. As a Deanery, we have supported out of programme experience for trainees wishing to take advantage of placements overseas in countries such as Australia and New Zealand. A number of our trainees have participated in the RCPCH/VSO training fellowship programme.

I am very pleased with the quality of training we deliver across the Deanery. I feel that our trainees value the support and training that they receive here. I have been keen that we actively encourage trainee participation in a wider range of activities across the Deanery: trainees sit on all our important committees; organise regional study days; participate in visits and are actively involved in developing specific areas of training – MRCPCH and academic .

You will see that trainees have provided comments regarding their training in a number of specialities. Including sharing their experience in academic paediatrics and out of programme placements. I am confident, that we deliver excellent training in the East of England. Our trainees feel well supported, we meet our trainees annually in face to face assessments. I feel that we offer our trainees an individualised programme. If you are interested in coming to the East of England please feel free to make contact with either myself as Head of School of Paediatrics or, Paediatric Tutors in hospitals across the East of England. We also have trainee representatives who I am sure, would be happy to give you advice.

Dr Wilf Kelsall
Head of School of Paediatrics