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Frequently Asked Questions
What is the LETB?

Local Education and Training Boards (LETBs) introduced from 01 April 2013 subsumed Deaneries and are responsible for the education and training of health and public health workers at a regional level. There are 13 LETBs in England all governed by the umbrella body Health Education England (HEE). The East of England (EoE) LETB is called HEEoE (Health Education East of England) and covers the counties of Norfolk, Suffolk, Cambridgeshire, Bedfordshire, Hertfordshire and Essex serving a population of 5.5 million.

Please follow this link for a Regional Map of EOE Rotations:

What is an ARCP?

The Annual Review of Competence Progression (ARCP) looks at your progression through your year of training.  

An ARCP needs to take place annually, and at the end of each ST year; this can sometimes mean that you have more than one ARCP per year. For example, if you are going out of programme or starting maternity leave you will have an ARCP prior to the start of this or as soon as possible on your return. This will review the period from your last ARCP to the start of your OOP/paternity leave etc. Sometimes there are additional reasons that the panel may recommend that you have an additional ARCP in the year (e.g. moving up to the next level of training, or earlier completion of training) – the ARCP panel and/or your TPD recommending the additional review will have told you about this. You should be notified of the date of your ARCP at least 6 weeks beforehand. 

It is really important that you know what you need to do for your current year of training based on the PROGRESS curriculum and your own training needs, and look at this with your educational supervisor early on in your training post.  By working towards this throughout the year, and by keeping your ePortfolio organised, you should be prepared for your ARCP. 

For more information on ARCPs and ARCP outcomes please follow the link below to the HEEOE Assessment webpage:


Who do I need to inform with regards to Maternity Leave and will I be due an ARCP?

If you will be taking Maternity Leave please contact your Training Programme Director as early as possible to help them arrange for the upcoming rotations. You will also need to inform Medical Staffing at your Trust and the LETB (Deanery) with your planned dates of leave:

Where possible we encourage trainees to return from Maternity Leave with the rotation dates of March / September.

Whilst you are on Maternity Leave you will not be required to have an ARCP however you will need to submit an up to date Form R which the Assessment Administrator will contact you for.

Am I eligible for Relocation Expenses?

This process is managed by NHSE. Please see the relocation expenses page for the policy, eligibility criteria and application form:

When is the next upcoming Regional Study Day?

Please follow the link below to the Paediatrics Calendar for upcoming study days:

How to apply for study ( Aspirational) Leave ?

Study leave >£600 and/or aspirational study leave need TPD approval PRIOR to the course.  Retrospective applications are not approved.

Please find links to the forms below-

Some trusts require trainees to submit study leave appliaction to TPD even if its a mandatory course costing >£600 . Mandatory courses are NLS, APLS and safeguarding.

Trainees  may  also  submit  claims  for aspirational activities.  Whilst  not  explicitly recognised as requirements for the trainee’s curriculum, such activities may help the trainee complete parts of the curriculum. It is essential that any aspirational activity is included in the trainee’s PDP and it will also require an additional level of sign off from the TPD (or Head of School if TPD is unavailable).This sign off must be obtained prior to attendance at a course; retrospective applications will not be  considered.


How do I add my Educational / Clinical Supervisor on Eportfolio?

If you need to update your Educational or Clinical Supervisor details on Eportfolio please contact one of the below with your full name, name of Trust, and the full name of your Supervisor:

RCPCH Eportfolio Team at  

LETB Assessment Administrator at 


Can I apply for an Inter Deanery Transfer (IDT)?

Trainees are able to apply for Inter Deanery Transfers in the two application windows each year providing they are in receipt of a satisfactory ARCP outcome. 

Information on applying for an IDT can be found here:


How do I apply for Out of Programme?

There are four types of Out of Programme:

- Out of Programme Research OOPR (Time out of programme for research)

- Out of Programme Training OOPT (Time out of programme for approved clinical training)

- Out of Programme Career Break OOPC (Time out of programme for career breaks. This OOP type will not count towards the award of a CCT)

​- Out of Programme Experience OOPE (Time out of programme for clinical experience in a post. This OOP type will not count towards the award of a CCT)

Please bear in mind that applications will take three months to be processed. Information for applying for OOP of any type or OOP extensions can be found here:

How do I apply for Less Than Full Time training?

All Less Than Full Time Training (LTFT) applications are processed electronically and can be found here

Please bare in mind that applications should be made at least two months in advance of proposed dates for LTFT to begin. 

How do I appeal an ARCP outcome?

Trainees are eligible to appeal ARCP outcomes 3 and 4 within ten working days of the ARCP date. A trainee can also ask for a review of an outcome 2. Please note that trainees cannot appeal outcome 5s. 

For information on Appeals please follow this link:

Do I need an ARCP if I am on Long Term sick leave?

If you are currently on long term sick leave then you will not be required to have an ARCP or maintain your Eportfolio. 

Please ensure that your Head of School is aware and the LETB Assessment Team Administrator is aware. 

What paperwork does an Academic Trainee need to complete for an ARCP?

Academic trainees will still need to partake in the ARCP process and will need to complete an Academic Supervisor's Report which the LETB Assessment Team Administrator can provide.  

Am I entitled to a Grace Period post CCT?

All trainees are entitled to take a six month Grace Period post CCT. 

Please liaise with your Training Programme Director for further information on taking a grace period.

When do I need to start applying for my CCT?

You may start preparing your CCT paperwork within six months of your completion of training date and you will need to contact the RCPCH for the necessary paperwork.

Please note that your completed application cannot be signed and submitted to the GMC until you have received an ARCP outcome 6 indicating completion of training. 

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