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About Us

Meet the team!

We are a group of paediatric consultants, trainees and simulation instructors with an interest in simulation. In partnership with our neonatal and paediatric colleagues we organise different simulation courses across the East of England.

Hena Salam Consultant Paediatrician and TPD for Simulation

Aysha Rasheed.

Tanya Li

Ellie Walder 

Our Vision

We use simulation as an educational tool to provide Paediatric trainees with a risk-free and supportive environment to address important issues encountered in Paediatric and Neonatal emergencies. Simulation is an invaluable way for trainees to practice high-risk and low-frequency events safely. Apart from clinical skills training we emphasise the importance of human factors such as leadership and teamwork skills which are linked to improved resuscitation outcomes.


Why Simulation?

  • Improve your confidence at managing common and uncommon Paediatric emergencies
  • Improve your leadership skills
  • Develop effective communication tools to be used in emergencies (with patients and colleagues
  • Improve your future clinical performance
  • SAFE learning environment (Not an assessment of your skills)
  • Learn tips to optimise teamwork skills vital in Paediatric emergencies


Join Us!

If you are interested or have ideas on how to further improve simulation in the region or want to run at your hospital, please contact us. We want all the trainees to be involved in simulation.


Simulation Courses

The East of England School of Paediatrics offers a wide range of courses to support your day-to-day clinical learning and promote awareness of human factors critical to successful patient outcomes. Select from the list at the bottom of this page below for more information.


Feedback from Courses

‘More similar courses please!’

‘Simulations particularly useful with good discussions that built confidence’

‘Very helpful in improving knowledge and skills in managing emergency conditions’

‘I feel more confident after today’

‘All brilliant and useful in different ways'

‘Good constructive feedback, has improved confidence in my own skills’

‘Very useful course – all instructors encouraging and helped calm some fears that I have going into first year as SpR’

‘Lovely atmosphere, great fun teachers, interesting and engaging’


ST1 Simulation Day

This is a low fidelity simulation day for new Paediatric ST1 starters aimed at covering common paediatric emergencies. There is approximately equal time for the simulation and debrief afterwards to ensure the opportunity for all members of the group to have input and ask questions.

ST1 Skills Day

This is a day for new paediatric ST1 starters focussing on practical procedures they are likely to face in their new role. Each skill is taught with both ‘hands on’ experience, followed by more lecture-based teaching, for example recognizing correct placement a line and how to manage common complications.

Ready for Registrar course

This is a small group training day with a mixture of simulation and communication scenarios for trainees about to transition to Level 2 training. The simulation is high fidelity, run from a simulation lab with video recording to aid with the debrief. The timing of each scenario is split equally between the scenario and the debrief. The debrief is run by a consultant, with input from peers. 

MAGiC (MAnaGing Ill Children)

A full-day simulation course designed for trainee paediatricians, recommended to be taken once during ST1-4 and again during ST5-8. FREE for East of England trainees. Please register via

EPReTT (East of England Paediatric Return to Training)

For all paediatric trainees returning to clinical practice including talks to help you navigate your return to paediatric clinical practice, interactive clinical cases, opportunity to practice clinical skills.

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