Please find below the ST3/DRE-EM Regional Training Programme 2018/19. Please ensure you liaise with your individual departments to arrange study leave on these days.

Paeds / MSK Course - 29, 30, 31 August 2018

This course is mandatory for all ST3 and DRE-EM trainees undertaking their year in Emergency Medicine.

Venue: Peterborough City Hospital

Programme will be available 2 weeks prior to event.


ST3/DRE-EM Training Day - Friday 12 October 2018

Topic: Respiratory - Acute Exacerbation of Asthma, COPD, Pnemonia, Pulomonary Embolism, Sarcoidosis, Tuberculosis

Venue: PGME, Classroom 7/8,  Ipswich Hospital, Heath Road, Ipswich, Suffolk, IP4 5PD

For a map anf parking information click here

09:00   Welcome and registration

09:15   Asthma

10:00   COPD

10:45   Coffee

11:00   Pneumonia

11:45   PE

12:30   Lunch

13:00   TB

14:00   CXR, ABG

16:30   Summary & Close


ST3/DRE-EM Training Day - Friday 09 November 2018

Topic: Trauma 1 - Head, Chest, Abdominal, Maxillo-facial trauma, burns, etc

Venue: Seminar Room 19, Clinical School, Addenbrooke's Hospital, Hills Road, Cambridge, CB2 0QQ (A site map can be found here)

Please note that the parking onsite is expensive for the full day and we are unable to offer subsidised parking. However the hospital is well linked to 3 local park and ride sites. Further details can be located here:


9am:                Abdominal trauma: Vazeer Ahmed, EM Consultant

10am:              Head trauma, Virginia Newcombe, NCCU Consultant

11-11.10am    Coffee

11.10am         Chest trauma, Dominic Rayment, EM Consultant

12am:             Burns, Zeeshan Ahmad, Consultant Plastic Surgeon

1pm-2pm:      lunch

2pm:              Maxillofacial trauma, Malcolm Cameron, Consultant, Maxillofacial Surgery

3-3.10:           tea

3.10- 5pm:      practical skills stations, Yasmin Sultan, EM Consultant.


ST3 / DRE-EM Training Day - Friday 14 December 2018

Topic: Neurology - Heachaches, First fit, Pts with recurrent fits, Acute confusion, Stroke, assessment of limb weaakness, assessment of acute dizziness, encephalitis, multiple sclerosis, unusual strokes (brain stem / cerebellar) etc

Venue: Lecture Room, Burrage Centre, James Paget University Hospital, Gorleston Great Yarmouth NR31 6LA. For a site map click here

09:00   Welcome and registration

09:15   Stroke – Dr Wyllie

10:00   First Fits and recurrent fits - TBC

11:00   Coffee

11:15   Assessment of limb weakness - Frank Sutherland

12:15   Headaches  - Jim Crawfurd

13:00   Lunch

13:30  Acute confusion –Aban Dasgupta

14:15  Unusual strokes and assessment of acute dizziness  – Dr Green

15:15  Encephalitis and multiple sclerosis – Dr Jim Flatt

16:15  Summary & Close

ST3/DRE-EM Training Day - Friday 11 January 2019

Topic: Trauma 2 - Upper and Lower Limb trauma, open fractures, pelvic trauma, spinal trauma, etc

Venue: Room 4/5 Education Suite, Cardiothoracic Centre, Basildon and Thurrock University Hospitals NHS Foundation TrustNethermayne, Basildon, Essex, SS16 5NL

Please click here for a map of the Hospital.  Please note that the car park does get extremely busy around 09:30ish and you need to give yourself enough time to queue and park before the programme commences at 10:00hrs.

Please click here for information about parking 
















Welcome & Introduction


Practical session-Joint examinations




Upper limb injuries


Coffee Break


Spinal Trauma


Lunch and Sponsor Presentation by Mr Barry Blignaut


Plastering Techniques and limb Splints


Lower Limb Injuries


 Fractures and how not to miss them




“Soft Tissue Injuries”, what does it mean


Summary and Closure

ST3/DRE-EM Training Day - Friday 08 February 2019

Topic: Infectious disease - PUO, shingles, IV drug abusers, needle stick injuries, human / animal bites, HIV's / HepB's (emergencies in HIV) etc, sexually transmitted diseases.

Venue: Comet seminar room 3a and 3b, Luton & Dunstable Hospital, Lewsey Road, Luton, LU4 0DZ

For a map, directions and information about parking click here      Parking is available in the TESCO carpark in SKIMPOT ROAD which is free of cost. It is 15 minute walk from the hospital.

The main entrance to the COMET Centre is located on the ground floor of the old block of the Hospital


 0930 Registration + Coffee

1000: Pyrexia of Unknown Origin by Dr Dhinakharan

1100: Needle Stick injuries by Dr Viegas

1200-1215: coffee

1215: Update on Ebola/flu by Dr Kamaras

1315-1400: Lunch

1400: Infectious diseases from Animal bites and Human bites by Dr Reyahi

1445: HIV in ED: What do we need to remember: Dr Pathan

1515: Vaccination advice for pregnant women: Dr Thorley

1545: Feedback and Close

ST3/DRE-EM Training Day - Friday 08 March 2019

Topic: Urology - Uro-sepsis, acute retention of urine, AKI, renal colic, UTI, Haematuria

Venue: Medical Education Centre, Watford General Hospital, Vicarage Road, Watford, WD18 0HB

Please allow plenty of time to get to Watford, parking can be difficult. Pay for a £6 ticket and then give your registration number in to the facilitators.

The hospital at Watford is in the middle of a city centre and as such the roads are very busy with work and school traffic in the mornings. Please allow additional time to get to the site.

Once on the site the parking by 09:30 will be extremely tight, again allow time

The walk from the carpark to the medical education centre is about 10 minutes ( if you know where you are going). Allow time.

Problems on the day call: 01923 217957 The Medical Education Centre

Click here for a site map


09:30-09:45        Coffee

09:45-10:00        Welcome

10:00- 10:45        Radiology- renal tract                Mr Mandalia

10:45-11:30        UTI and urinary retention            Shah Shahzad

11:30-11:45        Coffee-provided

12:00-13:00        UTIs in the frail Elderly- to dip or not to dip?   Ros Kings

13:00-13:45         Lunch- not provided

13:45- 14:30        Renal colic and Torsion     Jude Okoye and Manjit Riyat   

14:30-15:30         Paediatric urology             Nirmala Costa-Fernades

15:30                    Close

ST3/DRE-EM Training Day - Friday 12 April 2019

Topic: Surgical - Assessment of abdominal pain, surgical emergencies, abdominal swellings, constipation, etc

Venue: Room 15, The Bob Champion Research and Education Building, NNUH, James Watson Road, Colney, Norwich, NR4 7UQ

(across the road from the A/E building)

Parking: Free parking at the Costessey park and ride (service 510), which is a 10 min bus ride away from the hospital. Paid parking is also available next to the building.


09:45-10:00 - Coffee and registration

AM session led by Luke Evans - Surgical Consultant

PM - OSCE / sim practice - Dr Diego Olmo-Ferrer, Emergency Medicine Consultant

PM- Presentation - Saptha Gopi

Refreshments will be provided on the day. Please bring your own lunch or money to purchase lunch on site.

ST3/DRE-EM Training Day - Friday 10 May 2019

Topic: Endocrine - Management of hyperglycemia / glucose control, hypoglycemia, Addison's, thyroid ds, stc

Venue: Education Centre, Lister Hospital, Corey’s Mill Lane, Stevenage, SG1 4AB   For Travel, Parking and Refreshment Information click here


9:30-10:00               Coffee, Registration and Introduction

10:00-11:00            Paediatric Endocrinology Emergency Presentations  Cristina Matei, Consultant Paediatrician - interest Diabetes/Endocrinology

11:00-12:00            Renal Emergencies   Nina Gerdes, Specialty Registrar in Renal Medicine

12:00-12:30           Toxicology Quiz

12:30-13:30           Lunch (not provided)

13:30-14:00           Toxicology Answers

14:00-15:00            Adult Endocrinology Emergency Presentations, Sagen Zac-Varghese, Consultant in Diabetes, Endocrinology and General Internal Medicine

15:00-16:00            Hyponatraemia,  Mike Iacovou, Emergency Medicine Consultant

16:00                      Close

ST3/DRE-EM Training Day - Thursday 20 June 2019

Topic: Cardiology - Chest pain, management of laest coronary events, heart failure, TLOC, dizziness, palpitations, atrial fibrillation, hypertension patient in the ED, etc


For a Map showing the location of Parndon Hall please click here

Attendees can park in one of the patient/public spaces that surround the building (green hatched area on the map).


09:30 – 10:00            Arrival and Registration

10:00 – 10:15            Welcome. - Introduction and outline                                Mr Suneil Ramnani

                                                   of the day.                     

10:15 – 11:15            Hypertensive Emergencies                                              Dr Kirsty Gray                                                                                                                                                                                                              

11:15—11:30           Break                                                                   

11:30 – 12:30            Syncope                                                                          Mr Suneil Ramnani​

12:30 – 13:00            “Penthrox”                                                                           Mr Ray Drizen​

 13:00—14:00          Lunch   (Provided and sponsored by Galen)                 

 14:00—15:00          Acute Coronary Syndrome                                           Mr Aman Khan

 15:00 – 15:15           Break                                                                                   

 15:15 – 16:15              Heart Failure                                                                         Dr Gio Cracolici

16:15 – 16:30                      Feedback, summary of the day and completion of evaluation forms.

16:30                          Close

ST3/DRE-EM Presentation Day - Friday 12 July 2019

To be attended by all ACCS CT1 and CT2 trainees irrespective of parent specialty, ST3 Emergency Medicine and DRE-EM trainees

Host: Bedford Hospital

Venue: S2, Kings House, 245 Ampthill Road, Bedford, MK42 9AZ.


09:00 – Welcome (Deva/Diane)

09:15 – Lekha Agarwal – case presentation

09:45 – Anna Jarzembska – Is it all about clexane?

10:15 – Asim Yusuf – Aortic Dissection

10:45 – Naburran Das – Efficacy of Ondansetron in the management of paediatric Gastroenteritis

11:15 – Ka-Wing Ng – Endocarditis

11:45 – Alexander Gaetos – ANDROMEDA-SHOCK Trial

12:15 – Kuldeep Kaur- The Power of Penthrox

12:25 Lunch

13:00 – Vaibhav Deshpande – Acute urinary retention

13:30 – Ragnib Malik – Gallbladder disease

14:00 – Johanna Selway – Anaphylaxis and Surgical airway

14:30 – Abdullah El Farook – Establishing the first A&E skill lab in Bangladesh

15:00 – Pratik Khagram – Thermal injuries and management

15:30 – Nam Tong Update from the Head of School

15:45 – James Price – What to expect from your CT3 year/Kuldeep Kaur – What to expect from your ST4 year

16.00 Close

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