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This is “Your” page……we have tried to incorporate as much information on this page to make it easier for you. When you need help with either clinical or personal issues then you should first be contacting your Clinical Supervisor (for Hospital Posts) or your Trainer (for GP posts). If neither of these can help then the next step should be your Educational Supervisor. If you need additional help then one of the TPD’s will be able to assist. Please email all TPD’s and copy in the administrators. If your inquiry is more of a general nature then please contact your administrators.  



Urgent/Unscheduled Care Capabilities (replaced former OOH Training)

Urgent/Unscheduled Care Capabilities (replaced former OOH Training)

Most training has to be during GP attachments in ST2/3. Relevant experience may be accrued during the hospital posts such as A&E, psychiatry, acute medical units and Paediatrics. This is useful during hospital posts to demonstrate progression of competence. Use the Health Education East of England (HEEoE) GP School “Urgent and Unscheduled Care Observational Session Record”. The completed form should be signed by the clinical supervisor then discussed and signed by the educational supervisor and finally uploaded on to the e-portfolio.

Twice yearly, we run workshops for our trainers and associate trainers and once yearly we hold a faculty meeting for all our educational supervisors in primary and secondary care. There will also be plenty of information and downloads available online soon at: 

*Please note that you cannot do out of hours if you go out of programme as you will not be indemnified.  We would appreciate if you could let us know which provider(s) you will be using.  

PELC Information

GP Speciality Training Scheme

IC24 Registration Information

There are other OOH providers that can be approached for Training such as – SEEDS (South Essex Out of Hours Service) and HARMONI OOH Services.


Less Than Full Time ("LTFT")

Health Education East of England (HEEoE) the former Multi-Professional Deanery has a strong commitment to helping all doctors reach their full potential and to helping those with child-caring or other responsibilities or health problems, to continue training.

HEEoE fully endorses the principles set out in the NHS Employers document ‘Doctors in Flexible Training: Principles underpinning the new arrangements for flexible training’.Any trainee in a substantive HEEoE approved post can apply for less than full time training and if they meet the eligibility criteria this will be accommodated as soon as practically possible.

LTFT Working Week

Study Leave

Whilst in a Hospital Post: Trainees will need to follow the Host Trust’s procedure to apply for study leave using the Trust’s application form. The course will need approval from the Rota Co-ordinator and Clinical Supervisor.


Psychiatry – For those of you in Psychiatry you need to contact Medical Staffing at the Mental Health Trust:

Whilst in a GP Practice: Trainees study leave must be approved by the Practice Manager to fit in with clinical rotas and the course approved by your Educational Supervisor.


Please click here to view all the details and to download the forms:  


Any queries regarding Study Leave should be directed to HEE EoE in the first instance.

Useful Links

The links below will take you to all the relevant websites that you might need whilst you are completing your training.


GP Website – You will find everything you need from GP School information, claims and invoices, the lead employer, careers and support.


GP Curriculum – View the GP curriculum in an easy to navigate online format. The RCGP curriculum sets out what’s required to practise as an independent General Practitioner in the UK NHS. It defines the knowledge, skills and qualities expected of GPs and describes useful learning and teaching activities.


Learning Screen Casts - Each screencast provides additional insight into the topic being discussed through the commentary provided by GPs, who has extensive knowledge within the field.


Radio 4 "Inside Health" programmes - These podcasts are very helpful for GPs and GP Trainees. ​


Please click here to view a list of presentations given at various GP teaching sessions.


BMJ Learning - Get weekly personalised updates on modules relevant to you.


A series of lectures about 24 cases - Quite a few are relevant to CSA exam.




Local Courses/Events

Please refer to the links below containing courses and updates for general practice. 



Maternity Leave

You will need to complete an "Unscheduled changes to programme form”   The form once completed will need to be sent to the following –

•             St Helen and Knowsley -

•             HEE GP School –

•             HEE Programme & Information –

Please copy in the TPD’s and Administrators so changes can be made to your e-portfolio and TIS.

Please bear in mind that if your last ARCP has been 4 months or longer before your Maternity leave is due to start, you will need an ESR and ARCP before you stop working, so that educational progression and future plans can be assessed. Please ensure that you discuss this with your Educational Supervisor. 

Also, within 3 months of your return from mat leave, you will need a meeting with your Educational Supervisor. The content of this meeting needs to be recorded as an ESR or a report added to the Educators notes, but please let us know once it has happened. 


14Fish Trainee Portfolio FAQ's

Please refer to the FAQs section if you have a query, please complete the on-line request form should you require further guidance.  You will need to log in using the below link:

Supported Return To Training

To ensure all trainees are clinically confident and fully supported when returning to training following a sustained period of absence, HEE EoE is committed to offering a number of  mechanisms in order to support the return to clinical practice.

Please click here for further formation

Professional Support Unit

The Professional Support Unit (PSU) aims to support all doctors in training whose performance may have been affected by circumstances that have arisen preventing progression throughout the training process, whether these circumstances are personal, training or work related.

Click here for further information and forms

Electronic Staff Record

ESR is where your mandatory training records are logged and more importantly where you can download your payslips. You have to register yourself with the Lead Employer directly and only then you can be issued with logins. Please either email them or give them a ring them on 0151 430 1204.

Top Tips

1. Ensure that you start early on your e-portfolio: 

a. Learning logs to be reflective and to have good curriculum coverage.

b. You need to link entries to the curriculum and share them. 

c. Your ES and CS should be reading and linking too.

2. At the induction meeting with your clinical supervisor ensure to put a date in the diary for your clinical supervisor report meeting.

3. ALL WBPA should have been completed by the time you have your CSR.

4. Any employment or educational issues need to be taken up with your Clinical Supervisor in the first instance, then with the Educational Supervisor and, if all that fails, then escalate the issue with the TPDs, please.

5. E-portfolios are reviewed twice a year by the administrators, usually around October and March.

6. ESRs take place in November and May each year.  Please work through the checklist together with your ES and email your completed and signed form within two days to admin team on:  

7. ARCP takes place in June each year.

8. Urgent and Unscheduled Care with an emphasis on demonstrating capability. You are able to provide evidence from a range of resources, including working in a traditional OOH environment. Whilst there isn’t a minimum amount of hours to be worked anymore, there is a national expectation that it would be hard to demonstrate capability in this area without having worked at least 48 hours in a traditional OOH setting in the ST3 year and that, for many trainees, there may well be the need to work more hours than this (*OOH cannot be completed while in a hospital post or out of post).

9. Performers List – this is now arranged by the lead employer at St Helens and Knowsley when you complete all your initial paperwork. Don’t ignore this, as you need to be on this in order to work as a GP Registrar in General Practice.


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