Courses and Events

Below is a list of courses/workshops/seminars for continuing professional development for GP’s at all stages of their career. There is the opportunity to meet other local healthcare professionals


Course and Events for Trainers


Becoming an Educator in Primary Care

Re-Approval Day

The next date for our local Re-approval panel​ is the 20th November 2019 and we have 14 applications including trainers and GP Practices.  

On the 3rd October 2018 we held our local Re-approval day to approve 11 applications and 3 face to face interviews.

On the 13th September 2017 we held the local Re-approval day to approve 17 applications including Training Practices, Trainers and OOH Service Providers.  

On the 23rd November 2016 we held the local Re-approval day to approve 14 applications including trainers and GP Practices.  

Trainer Group Meetings

We hold twice yearly GP trainer group meetings and a once yearly faculty meeting with our secondary care colleagues.


Our next trainer's group meeting is scheduled for 26th February 2020 and it is to be held at Hylands House in Writtle, Chelmsford.  


ARCP is held on a yearly basis and our next date is Wednesday 10th June 2020.

Educational Supervision Review (ESR)

The GP School have now launched a fully electronic process for our Educational Supervision Review (ESR) claim forms. Educational Supervisors complete reviews for their Trainees every six months. (31st May and 30th November each year).  For those reviews which are completed whilst the Trainee is in a hospital post a fee of £250.00 can be claimed. Please note that claims will not be processed if a trainee is in an innovative or GP post. These reports will be covered by the trainer's grant each practice receives. If a report is carried out for a trainee whilst in a GP post but separate to your own GP practice this money should be claimed via that practice through their trainer's grant fund. Educational Supervisors (not the Practice Manager) will need to complete the ESR claim form which can be found below (click on PDF image to download). Incorrect claim forms will not be accepted. All sections of this claim form must be completed. Claim forms MUST be received within 4 weeks of the ESR being completed and within the correct financial year in order for them to processed and paid. 

Please click here for further details and how to download the form:

Clinical Learning Screen Casts
Faculty Meeting

Our next meeting is taking place on Wednesday 6th November 2019.  It is being held in the Medical Academic Unit and lunch will be provided from 1.30pm. Please contact the administrators to confirm your attendance.

Friday, 9 August, 2019
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Friday, 9 August, 2019