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Chelmsford GPST Hospital Posts

Broomfield Hospital is developing rapidly and is the site of the Regional Orthopaedic Department and the Regional Burns and Plastics Surgery Centre. The atmosphere is one of development and excitement with the hospital attracting a very high standard of consultant manpower. The library and study facilities are excellent. Accommodation is often available on the hospital site. The course organisers are happy to answer any questions you may have.

Accident & Emergency

ImageAccident & Emergency provides an opportunity to improve your listening and examination skills on a wide variety of clinical problems. In six months, each specialist trainee in A & E will see and manage approximately 1,500 new patients. The diversity of cases and problems presenting to the department hones your decision-making skills and allows you to gain confidence in the early management of acute clinical problems. You will be taught the techniques of fracture management and reduction of dislocations as well as suturing. There is an intensive induction course over the first 2 weeks followed by an active ongoing teaching programme, which will involve you in audit and case presentations.


The GP trainee is also involved in the Special Care Baby Unit and in more general day-to-day management on the wards.

Obstetrics & Gynaecology

This GP training job is at Broomfield. In the late 1980s Chelmsford was the fastest growing town in Europe and although the population boom has diminished there are still adequate births to allow hands-on experience. This Speciality is broad based encompassing the medical and surgical health care needs as well as childbirth.

Geriatric Medicine

These GP training posts are based at Broomfield Hospital. Medicine for the Elderly is fully integrated with General Medicine. This will enable the trainee to gain experience in managing acute medical problems of all ages. The department holds regular meetings to discuss specific topics related to old age.


ImageThese are exciting posts at either at the Linden Centre, Crystal Centre or community psychiatry. The acute psychiatry wards are adjacent to Broomfield Hospital. These jobs provide broad experience in all aspects of psychiatric illness, including acute admissions, running the wards, on calls and community clinics.


These GP training posts are at Broomfield Hospital and provides experience appropriate to General Practice.Essential experience gained is valuable to your career in general practice.

Respiratory Medicine

It is recognised about 25-30% of acute admissions are due to respiratory disease. You will be able to confidently manage cases of COPD exacerbations, Asthma, lobar pneumonia, lung cancer and pleural diseases. The respiratory team works closely with the PCT funded chronic lung disease nurses and you will see how effectively exacerbations can be managed. Oxygen assessment, fitness for flying is also done via the same team. In clinics you will be able to learn and assess and manage cases of allergy and sleep apnoea. On the ward, which is attended daily by consultants, you receive training on management of respiratory failure using non-invasive ventilation, management of intercostal tubes amongst many other procedures. You will also receive excellent training opportunities on palliative care. There are weekly x-ray meetings, dedicated respiratory teaching and opportunity to join the weekly MDT’s in lung cancer and chronic lung disease management. You will be on-call 1:10 for General (Internal) Medicine which is well supported with juniors and receive many training opportunities through this.

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