In order to obtain a CCT in anaesthesia you will undertake a competency based specialty training programme covering core, intermediate, higher and advanced levels of training in anaesthesia, intensive care medicine (ICM) and pain management. The duration of the whole training programme is normally seven years (eight years for ACCS anaesthesia).

  • Core training (CT1 and CT2) for anaesthesia is two years
    • ACCS anaesthesia is three years ( CT1year containing 6 months of Acute medicine and 6 months of A&E)
  • Intermediate level training (ST3 and ST4) - 2 years
  • Higher and advanced level training (ST5, ST6) - 2 years
  • Advanced (ST7) - 1 year

For more detailed information about the programme of training, curriculum and assessment blueprint follow this link to the Royal College of Anaesthetists



What the Training Pathway looks like Nationally:


Click on the blue boxes below to see more detail as to how we implement this training programme locally:


Wednesday, 12 December, 2018
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Wednesday, 12 December, 2018