EOE Head of School of Paediatrics
Dr Vasanta Nanduri
Head of School of Paediatrics, Regional Advisor & Recruitment Director
Deputy Postgraduate Dean
Jonathan Waller
Deputy Postgraduate Dean
Quality and Faculty Development TPD
Dr Shazia Hoodbhoy
/training Programme Director for Quality and Faculty Development
Level 1 TPD
Angela D'Amore
Level 1 (ST 1-3) Training Programme Director

As TPD Level 1 training lead Dr D'Amore also has the following responsibilities: 

  • Level 1 trainee placements
  • ST1/ST2 recruitment 
  • Level 1 (ST1, ST2, ST3) ARCPs lead 
Level 2 TPD
Dr Anne Ingram
Level 2 (ST4-5) Training Programme Director

As TPD Level 2 training lead Dr Ingram also has the following responsibilities: 

  • Level 2 trainee placements
  • ST3/ST4 recruitment 
  • Level 2 (ST4, ST5) ARCPs lead 
Level 3 TPD
Dr Jogesh Kapadia
Level 3 (ST6-8) Training Programme Director

As TPD Level 3 training lead Dr Kapadi also has the following responsibilities: 

  • Level 3 trainee placements
  • GRID and SPIN recruitment
  • Level 3 (ST6, ST8) ARCPs lead


Level 1 Curriculum delivery TPD
Dr Jonathan Campbell
Training programme director Level 1 curriculum delivery
Level 2-3 curriculum delivery TPD
Dr Nik Cholidis
Level 2&3 Training prgramme director for Curriculum Development

Dr Cholidis is based in Harlow. His roles also include training day organiser and study leave coordinator for Level 2&3 trainees.  

Simulation TPD
Dr Hena Salam
Training Programme Director for Simluation
Dr Anshoo Dhelaria
Training Programme Director for Less Than Full Time (LTFT) and SuppoRTT Application Coordinator
Academic Lead
Professor Ken Ong
Academic Lead
Global Health Lead
Dr Wilf Kelsall
Global Health Lead
College Tutor List February 2019






Paediatric College Tutors      
Full Name Role Hospital Trust  Email Address
Dr Shazia Hoodbhoy College Tutor  Cambridge shazia.hoodbhoy@addenbrookes.nhs.uk 
Dr Helen Bailie College tutor Cambridge helen.bailie@addenbrookes.nhs.uk
Dr Kate Riley College Tutor Cambridge katharine.riley@addenbrookes.nhs.uk
Dr Sharmila Nambiar College Tutor  Chelmsford sharmila.nambiar@nhs.net
Dr Nickolaos Cholidis College Tutor  Harlow Nickolaos.cholidis@pah.nhs.uk
Dr Glynis Rewitzky College Tutor  Kings Lynn glynis.rewitzky@qehkl.nhs.uk
Dr Jogesh Kapadia  College Tutor  Luton jogesh@doctors.org.uk; jogesh.kapadia@ldh.nhs.uk
Dr Benila Ravindranathan College Tutor Luton benilanr@yahoo.com
Dr Usha Niranjan College Tutor Luton usha.niranjan@ldh.nhs.uk
Dr Amy Carmichael College Tutor Luton Amy.Carmichael@ldh.nhs.uk
Dr Ravi Chetan College Tutor  Southend  ravi.chetan@southend.nhs.uk
Dr Binu Anand  College Tutor  West Suffolk (Bury St Edmunds) binu.anand@wsh.nhs.uk
Dr Anshoo Dhelaria College Tutor  Lister Stevenage anshoo.dhelaria@nhs.net
 Dr Afra Al Sabbagh  College Tutor  Peterborough afraa.al-sabbagh@pbh-tr.nhs.uk
Dr  Sudeep Damoradan  College Tutor  Great yarmouth sudeep.damodaran@jpaget.nhs.uk
Dr Anjay Pillai College Tutor  NNUH anjay.pillai@nnuh.nhs.uk
Dr Rajiv Goonetilleke College Tutor  Hinchingbrooke rajiv.goonetilleke@nhs.net
Dr Lauren Filby College Tutor Ipswich lauren.filby@ipswichhospital.nhs.uk
Dr Himadri Chakraborty College Tutor Basildon Himadri.Chakraborty@btuh.nhs.uk
Dr Nirmala Costa Fernandes College Tutor Watford nirmala.costa-fernandes@nhs.net
Dr Anita Mittal College Tutor Bedford Anita.Mittal@bedfordhospital.nhs.uk
Supriya Bhoomaiah  College Tutor NNUH SUPRIYA.BHOOMAIAH@nnuh.nhs.uk
Eleanor Cattaneo College Tutor Colchester e.cattaneo@btinternet.com
Assessment Administrator (HEEOE)
Lauren Miller
Assessment Administrator (HEEOE)
RCPCH Eportfolio Helpdesk
RCPCH Eportfolio Helpdesk
Faculty Account Manager
Kasia Calka
Faculty Account Manager, Health Education England, East of England
Specialty School Administrator (PGMC)
Manigeh Fanning
School Administrator
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