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Base Place of Work Change Request

Instructions for completing your base change request form​


  1. Please ensure you have downloaded and saved this form locally, and open with Adobe Reader or Adobe Acrobat. Adobe Reader is available to download for free: Download Adobe Acrobat Reader Free - Click Her
  2. Evidence to confirm the requested base place of work must be submitted with the request and can be provided by the TPD. The evidence provided in writing must clearly state that the requested base ‘will definitely be a second or subsequent post on the training programme, as opposed to being a possible or potential rotation.'  
  3.  Applications submitted without supporting evidence will not be considered and a decline outcome will be issued. 
  4. The base change request criterion can be applied from the point of revision onwards - 1st August 2016.
  5. The fully completed electronic form should be emailed to Health Education England, East of England for review at

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Where is my base place of work?

The base place of work is defined as the first place of work following successful recruitment onto a new training programme. Should you have a home more convenient to a second or subsequent post on the training programme, a request can be submitted to change the base. 

When can I change my base place of work?

You may apply to change the base place of work once, and this can be done at any time during the rotational training programme, although it is recommended this is done as early as possible. If you are submitting an application for excess travel expenses the new base will need to be approved prior to this, if this is not approved expenses will be processed using the first place of work as the base.  

I know that I will be rotating to Colchester Hospital in my second year of training and have been asked for evidence of this, what should I submit?

The information Health Education England, East of England are able to view is limited to what has been uploaded to Intrepid placement manager and this usually only covers one year at a time as posts can be subject to change. However, in some instances you will have received confirmation of your initial rotations following recruitment to your training programme, or your TPD will be able to confirm upcoming rotations for you via email. Either of these can be submitted with your application to evidence your second or subsequent post, please note that email evidence must clearly state that the post is a definite rotation as opposed to potential. 

I have been told I will be rotating to Cambridge University Hospitals, but my TPD does not know exactly when this will be. Can I apply to make this my base?

Yes you can. With confirmation that you will definitely be rotating to that Trust during your training, the dates/grade do not need to be provided with your request if they are not yet available. 

I don’t know where my future posts will be, can I still change my base?

A change in base can only occur with confirmation that you will definitely be rotating to that Trust at some point during your training programme. If future posts cannot be confirmed or are not yet available, the base will remain as the first place of work on the training programme. 

Can I apply for reimbursement of travel expenses to my base place of work?

No, travel expenses to the base place of work are not eligible for reimbursement. Trainees may only claim for excess travel expenses, when making a journey to a new place of work that exceeds the home to base journey.

Why does the revised base change criterion only apply from 1st August 2016?

Health Education England, East of England (HEE, EoE) regularly review policies and following extensive dialogue with the BMA, our Deputy Dean for Education and Performance, our Senior Manager for Programmes, Education and Training, our partners in Health Education England, London and South East (HEE, LaSE) and our EoE Trainee Forum, HEE, EoE policy was amended permitting trainees to change their base place of work only once during the entirety of their training programme when the criterion of the policy has been satisfied.  As with all policy changes this is effective from the date of the change in the policy, August 2016, and prior to this, the previous policy conditions are applicable.

The change and effective date for the change has been fully agreed and supported by the Postgraduate Dean, the Head of Finance, and communicated with the BMA and our EoE Trainee Forum with all parties in full agreement.