University (HEI) Day

Please note: At present all face-to-face educator training days have been canceled. HEE is working with it's partner Universities to deliver this content online.

Further information will shortly be made available, if you wish to be added to the waiting list please complete this short form


Tier 2 – Clinical Supervisor - core content

  • Reflection
  • Planning teaching and educational conversations
  • Teaching skills/knowledge
  • Feedback
  • Peer-peer learning 

HEE have partnered with three of our regional Higher Education Institutes, linked to our medical schools, to develop and provide face-to-face teaching on the academic basis of educational supervision that supports the trainer in the areas of supervision they expected to provide.

The content of the contact days is pertinent to the requirements of the tier, mapped to the academy of medical educators and GMC standards for educational supervision. Tier 3 day has different content to Tier 2 in order to build on previous knowledge, meet the increasing demands on the supervisor, and develop the individual educator.

Tier 2 contact day should be undertaken before Tier 3 contact day, and should be followed up by attending an HEE contact day after a minimum of 3 months and a maximum of 18 months. 

To gain the most from the contact day it is anticipated the learner will have completed the recommended e-LfH modules before attending.

The contact days are free to delegates at a choice of three universities across East of England and will be accredited by the Academy of Medical Educators and award external CPD points.

The form to confirm that your TPD or DME supports your application (which must be filled out before applying to any of these courses) can be found Here


Anglia Ruskin University

Anglia Ruskin University offers a suite of programmes, closely aligned to the HEE Tier System for the Faculty of Educators, designed to support you as you progress through your career as a medical and healthcare educator:

PLEASE NOTE: HEE has canceled all future face to face training as a result of the Covid-19 response. We are working hard to develop virtual and remote courses as an alternative.​


Virtual Training Tier 2 Cohort 1:

Course duration: equivalent of one day training spread across two weeks
Course content: 3 live webinars, pre-recorded sessions, and discussion boards with facilitator interaction
Survey: at the end of your course you will be asked to complete evaluation form
Certificate: electronic certificates will be issued to those who join/complete all elements of the course
Live webinar length: 1 hour
Cohort availability: 50 places

Dates for cohort 1 live webinars (please ensure you are available for all three dates):

o Tues 29 September - 7pm

o Thurs 1 October - 7pm

o Tues 6 October - 7pm


Book here:




University of Cambridge

Support for Medical Educators in and around Cambridge

PLEASE NOTE: HEE has canceled all future face to face training as a result of the Covid-19 response. We are working hard to develop virtual and remote courses as an alternative.


The University of Cambridge offers three main programmes for health care educators which are run from the School of Clinical Medicine and the Institute of Continuing Education at Madingley Hall

1. IFME (Integrated Foundations of Medical Education)this is a programme run by the School of Clinical medicine for Doctors and other Health care professionals who specifically teach Medical Undergraduates from the School of Clinical Medicine in Cambridge.

Open via School of Clinical Medicine only

2. FCE ( Foundation for Clinical Educators) – This is a new programme starting in 2019  especially designed for HEE, EoE ( Health Education East of England)  to support health care professionals in primary and secondary care and Public Health who have a teaching component to their job roles.

This course is open to health care professionals who are working within the HEE, EoE region.

It is designed to meet GMC and Academy of Medical Educators (AOME) standards and to meet Tier 2 and 3 of the HEE, EoE educational tier system.

More information is available on the I.C.E website including application process and on line forms 

3. PG certificate and PG Diploma in Medical Education – this is a very popular programme at Masters Level which has been running for 6 years and has been oversubscribed. It is designed for any health care professional who wishes to understand and develop their teaching skills. From 2019 we will be running a second cohort in order to offer more places and up to 16 places will be available for applicants who are applying and who have been recommended by HEE, EoE. It is designed to support learners who are looking to develop as educators from tier 3 and 4 to Tier 5 of the HEEoE programme.

The PG cert is also open to applicants from all over the UK and has applicants from Europe and has also had students from elsewhere in the world including SE Asia and Australasia and New Zealand.



PG certificate and PG Diploma

Who is the programme open to?

Any Doctor or other Health care professional who has an educational component to their job role and is working within the HEE, EoE area and is looking to supervise other more junior colleagues

Any health care professional who wishes to develop their understanding and skills as an educator and may be looking to develop their roles making education part of their career

What is the cost?

Free if you can prove you are recommended by HEE, EoE – You will be asked to produce a letter of recommendation

Approx. £3950 per annum but if recommended by HEE, EoE you may be entitled to a bursary to cover the costs

What is the qualification at the end if successfully completed?

Certificate of successful completion but approved at level Associate Fellowship of AOME


What is the time commitment?

2 full days 

9 days face to face for PG Cert

Where is the course held?

I.C.E Madingley Hall

I.C.E Madingley Hall

Where can I find out more?

Look at this video link to hear what former students say about the course:

More detailed information

Course Guide add as PDF

Course Guide add as PDF

How do I apply?

Use this link


You will need to provide a letter of recommendation from your Director of medical Education or Training Programme Director

Use this link to the on line application form

The application process includes shortlisting and there will also be an interview

Applicants eligible and approved for HEE bursary will need to apply using this link

You can also apply direct if not applying for HEE bursary

What is covered?

  • Introduction to Medical Education
  • Teaching in Clinical Settings
  • Supporting Individual learners
  • Facilitating small groups
  • Principles of feedback 

PG cert – designed specifically for people wanting to develop their skills as an educator or supervisor

3 modules :

  • Core skills in medical education
  • Applying theory to practice
  • The role of assessment feedback and evaluation

PG diploma is designed to support those who wish to develop their role as educators and faculty members

What form does the teaching take?

  • Small Groups
  • Seminars and interactive workshops
  • Lots of practical advice 
  • Theory and practice
  • On line components
  • Workshop based
  • Seminars and interactive workshops
  • Lots of practical advice 


  • Record material in your own portfolio and can be used for your appraisal
  • Provide evidence that you have done so with extracts of reflective log diary
  • Record materials in e portfolio
  • 2 written summative assignments of 4000 words each
  • One formative teaching plan to be presented to peers
  • Peer review

What you get at the end?

Certificate of completion


Also eligible to apply for Associate Fellowship of AOME

  • Post Graduate Certificate in Medical Education
  • 60 Credits at Masters level for PG cert

Eligible to apply for Fellowship AOME and also Higher Education Academy as an individual

University of East Anglia

Tier 2 Training:

This one-day course is funded by Health Education East of England and will be delivered by Norwich Medical School, University of East Anglia in Norwich.

 To be eligible for a place on this course, you must meet the following criteria:

  1. You must be (or preparing to be) a clinical supervisor of postgraduate medical trainees in a hospital, general practice or other community setting.
  2. You must be employed within the geographical area of Health Education East of England which includes Bedfordshire, Hertfordshire, Cambridgeshire and Peterborough, Norfolk, Suffolk and Essex.
  3. You must obtain approval from the Director of Medical Education (DME) in your NHS Trust, or Training Programme Directors (TPD) if you work in primary care, public health or other specialty. 

Course Leader: Veena Rodrigues

Learning Outcomes

  1. Design and plan learning activities appropriate to your workplace and role.
  2. Apply and critique methods of teaching and learning appropriate to your workplace and role as an educator.
  3. Provide constructive feedback to learners.
  4. Engage with continuing professional development in your professional discipline within a framework of reflection, and evaluation of professional practice.
  5. Explore own and other adult learners learning styles and preferences within their discipline.
  6. Demonstrate and reflect upon the following professional values:
  • Respect individual learners and diverse learning communities
  • Use evidence-informed approaches and the outcomes from research, scholarship and continuing professional development

Information about future dates will be available soon.

PLEASE NOTE: HEE has canceled all future face to face training as a result of the Covid-19 response. We are working hard to develop virtual and remote courses as an alternative.​

Central University (HEI) Days

Due to overwhelming demand, HEE will be providing two courses centrally to meet current demand. 

These courses are for:

  • GP Educators / Aspiring GP Educators
  • Secondary Care Consultants who have been appointed as Clinical and Educational Supervisors and those who need re-approval.

Tier 2 session will cover:

  • Reflection
  • Planning teaching
  • Teaching skills/knowledge
  • Feedback
  • Peer - to - peer

It is recommended that e-LfH modules are completed before attending any of the face-to-face contact days as they are designed to build on prior knowledge.All Tier 2 and 3 training should each be completed within 18 months from starting; it is acceptable to complete the tier in a shorter time frame, it is recommened that there should be 2 months between attending the HEI and HEE hub contact days.

PLEASE NOTE: HEE has canceled all future face to face training as a result of the Covid-19 response. We are working hard to develop virtual and remote courses as an alternative.


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