National COPMeD Forum for

Less Than Full Time Training 


Welcome to the National COPMeD Forum for Less Than Full Time Training (LTFT). We are looking forward to further developing Less Than Full Time Training opportunities for medical trainees across all specialties and to building on the initiatives that have been undertaken by the forum.

Health Education England's east of England office is the national lead for less than full time training.

News and Updates

LTFT Forum Newsletter: 2nd Addition - added 30/06/2016

Having made great progress since the last national COPMeD LTFT Forum meeting, HEE, EoE are pleased to present the second edition of the LTFT Forum newsletter. 

The newsletter can be downloaded at the bottom of this page or by clicking here. We hope that you find this a useful resource.

Period of Grace for LTFT Trainees - added 16/06/2016

It is the consensus view of all national COPMeD LTFT forum members that the Period of Grace for all trainees is on a 6 month fixed term basis. There is no scope to pro rata this for LTFT trainees.

Tier 2 Visa and ILR Salary Threshold Increase - added 25/04/2016

For experienced workers, the minimum salary threshold for those applying for a Tier 2 visa will increase to £25,000 in Autumn 2016, rising again to £30,000 in April 2017.  This will not affect those trainees working full time on a Tier 2 visa, however, it will be a consideration for any individuals wishing to train less than full time.  In these circumstances, careful salary calculations will need to be undertaken on an individual basis to ensure that the trainee will still meet the minimum salary threshold whilst working reduced hours.

In addition, the minimum salary required to be eligible to apply for Indefinite Leave to Remain (ILR) has increased this month from £20,800 to £35,000.  This again could impact on less than full time trainees wishing to apply for ILR.


The next national COPMeD LTFT forum members meeting is likely to be held in October 2017. The meeting will be held in London, venue and exact date TBC.


Your key contacts in the East of England are the Programme Management Team and Associate Dean, Dr Rowan Burnstein.