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Feedback on LTFT training

East of England trainees working less than full time have provided feedback on their experience and the process in general. We include some examples of these below.


"I was extremely reticent to apply for LTFT as I thought professionally it might reflect poorly on me. In reality I have met with overwhelming support from both other registrars and also my consultants."

 – Laura Blackburn, ST3 Gastroenterology trainee. 



“Thank you for raising [LTFT for both male and female trainees] as a deanery. As a female surgical trainee (currently without children) with a husband who is also a trainee in the region, this sends an excellent message that LTFT will be supported whatever the gender of the parent involved. I am glad I have chosen to train in a deanery which feels this is important.

– Eleanor Atkins, ST5 Vascular Surgery, December 2019



“I worked as a LTFT Training for 8 years and would have left medicine otherwise. It enabled me to continue my surgical training and take my FRCS exams whilst caring for 2 children and living apart from my husband who was a locum consultant in another city. When I started I was the only trainee working LTFT training in my speciality, there have since been 6 others and it is now a well established pathway in the region I trained in. I’m keen to encourage trainees who might benefit from working LTFT Training to continue to work whilst maintaining their caring responsibilities.”

– Former LTFT Trainee - Now an ENT Consultant







Training LTFT in the east of England has made a considerable difference to me personally by improving my work / life balance. I love the fact that I can work hard and enjoy my job at the beginning of the week but I can also have days away from work each week to spend precious time with my children.

– Former LTFT Trainee - Now a Consultant in Emergency Medicine



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