LETBs review the progress of all doctors in specialist (including GP and core) training on at least an annual basis using one of two processes, depending on when the doctor began their training programme:

1. Trainees who started before 1 August 2007 are generally covered by RITA, details of which can be found in A Guide to Specialist Registrar Training (’The Orange Guide’).

2. Trainees who started on or after 1 August 2007 are covered by ARCP, details of which can be found in A Reference Guide for Postgraduate Specialty Training in the UK (’The Gold Guide’).

HEEoE panels conduct reviews and issue each trainee with an ARCP/RITA outcome (see table below). The panel may meet with the trainee in person or conduct a paper/e-portfolio review.

In both cases, the objective is to determine the extent of the trainee’s progress against the competences described in a GMC approved specialty curriculum. This involves reviewing the evidence that trainees submit about their training, which may include:

• workplace based assessments

• a report from the trainee’s educational supervisor

• team observation summaries

• royal college or faculty professional exam results (this list is not exhaustive).