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Please find below the ACCS Regional Training Programme 2023/2024. Please ensure you liaise with your individual departments to arrange study leave on these days.


The School provides monthly regional training days for ACCS trainees in order to ensure the curriculum is fully covered. It is therefore imperative that local departments prioritise releasing of trainees to attend these days. The only exception is where the trainee is on nights. All other shifts including twilight and late shifts should be covered by other staff. Trainees should not be expected to return after attending a training day to complete the remainder of a shift whilst in the Emergency Medicine rotation. The new contract also makes provision for trainees to attend a training day if it happens to fall on a scheduled day off and claim a day off in lieu elsewhere.


All ACCS CT1 trainees and DRE-EM trainees in their ACCS year 1 should attend the below regional training days.  

All ACCS CT2 trainees and DRE-EM trainees in their ITU and Anaesthetics placement will be sent a novice regional training programme for anaesthesia while in their anaesthesia placement via email. This is only for CT2 ACCS trainees of any stream doing their anaesthesia placement.

For Anaesthesia stream trainees only: ACCS CT2 EM targeted training days are not mandatory for your stream. Consider attending the primary FRCA anaesthesia teaching which is on an 18 month rolling programme available here:

During the ICM placement, they should attend the ACCS ICM regional training day, and you can also attend the ICM regional training programme.

The training is pitched at ICM trainees right up to the end of Stage 3. Some sessions may be of some benefit for the non-novice ACCS trainee towards the end of their 6-month placement.

The up to date regional ICM training programme is here:

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