Level 1 Ultrasound Sign Off Course

Date of course to be confirmed

The course is for:


Senior trainees who have done a Level 1 course and want intensive, supervised, hands-on practice or a chance to refresh the skills in level 1 competence areas (FAST, AAA, Vascular Access and ECHO in Life support).

For Senior trainees needing to be assessed in all Level 1 (Core) competence areas (FAST, AAA, Vascular Access, and ECHO in Life Support) and seeking final sign off.

The course will provide:


Opportunity for supervised hands-on practice for Level 1 competence areas.

Give overview of Level 2 scanning and cover Level 2 scan applications like shock scan.

Provide opportunity for triggered assessment in all Level 1 competence areas.

For triggered assessment please bring evidence of:


Completion of all 6 Enlightenment module AND/OR completion of a CEM-approved Level 1 course AND evidence of scans performed [log book] and reflective writing on 10 case studies.


Tuesday, 4 June, 2019
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Tuesday, 4 June, 2019