The Board of the Postgraduate School of Emergency Medicine

The Board's overall purpose is to provide direction and educational governance for the School by ensuring that the requirements of the Postgraduate Medical Education and Training Board (PMETB) quality domains are met across the School. This will include the assurance that:

  • The quality of education and training meets the standards set by PMETB and CEM and that the School aims for excellence in all aspects of its work
  • The training reflects the Deanery's strategy as well as that of the College and the SHA
  • Delegated decision making authority from the Deanery is implemented
  • Training programmes and activities that promote excellence in the specialty are fully supported
  • Standards are monitored and required changes to improve the quality of training are implemented
  • Policies and procedures which apply to the operational activities of the School are approved
  • Proposals and processes developed by the School's executive group ( Dean, Head and PDs) to facilitate the delivery of, or improve, training arrangements are scrutinised and where appropriate, challenged
  • That the Board will report to the Deanery Management
  • That quality management issues, are reported to the Quality Management Board





Nam Tong Head of School of Emergency Medicine
& Chair of the Training Committee
Vijay Dhakshinamoorthy Higher Specialist Training TPD
Pawan Gupta ST3 / DRE-EM TPD
Cilla Reid ACCS TPD
Aman Khan Non-training career grade doctors TPD
Emily Simpson Intercollegiate ACCS Committee Chair
Khurram Iftikhar Chair of the CEM Regional Board
Sian Parker Administration Manager
Adrian Boyle Academic / Research Co-ordinator & eLearning
Yasmin Sultan Elearning coordinator
Rod Mackenzie Pre-Hospital Emergency Medicine Representative
David Leverton Trainee Representative
Ash Bhanot Trainee Representative

Deanery Team


Alys Burns Deputy Postgraduate Dean
Sue Agger Senior Deanery Quality and Academic Training Manager




Friday, 30 November, 2018
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Friday, 30 November, 2018