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Welcome to the Postgraduate School of Pathology.

The School of Pathology webpages will provide a portal for prospective trainees interested in Chemical Pathology, Clinical Immunology, Haematology, Histopathology, Infectious Diseases, and Medical Microbiology/Virology.

Our mission is to produce high quality consultants who will take on senior, clinical and academic positions at the end of their training. We pride ourselves in training doctors who are outstanding and will have a competitive edge in the job market. We're adaptable to the challenges of the local healthcare environment as well as to the needs of our trainees and promote training excellence throughout our region.

We provide high calibre clinical, and academic training within the pathology specialties, developing doctors to become excellent in their chosen specialty.

Through the commissioning of posts, setting training standards, developing the trainers, assessing trainees and assuring the quality of training, the school has a key role to play in ensuring the quality of patient care.

If you have any questions about the training programmes our Head of School and Training Programme Directors would be happy to assist you, their contact details can be found here.


Trainee testimony:

"I'm a Histopathology trainee in my fourth year of training in the East of England. I have really enjoyed my training experience so far. Histopathology is a fun and challenging speciality with many different areas to specialise in. It has a great work life balance with the capacity to get involved in teaching, research and management. My daily work consists of diagnosing conditions under the microscope which provides the definitive answer so that patients can be managed appropriately."

Monday, 30 September, 2019
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Monday, 30 September, 2019