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Where in The Gold Guide can I find further information on the ARCP process?

Please see the Gold Guide on the COPMed Website here.

Section 4 relates to the ARCP process and can be found on pages 44 - 72.

Will I be required to attend my ARCP in person?

You will receive an email notification from one of the Assessment team 6-8 weeks prior to your ARCP.  This will inform you if you are required to attend in person. 

The Gold Guide, section 4.70 states that where a trainee is expecting an unsatisfactory outcome (outcome 2, 3 or 4) they should be invited to meet with the ARCP panel so that the reasons for the outcome can be clearly explained.  This is also to allow the panel to explain what the trainee will need to achieve by the time of their next ARCP to receive a satisfactory outcome.

What evidence do I need to submit for my ARCP?

At every ARCP you will need to submit the following:

  • Updated Form R (Part B)
  • Educational Supervisor Report 

For specialty specific requirements, please see either your ARCP invitation email or your College website for an ARCP decision aid or curriculum guidance.  If you are still unsure what you need to do, please contact us here.


The ARCP panel recommended that I am referred to the Professional Support Unit. How can I contact them?

The ARCP panel should let you know who will complete your PSU referral with you.  This could be your Training Programme Director or your Educational Supervisor. 

Further information regarding the Professional Support Unit (PSU) can be found on our website here


I do not agree with the ARCP Outcome that has been recommended. What can I do?

If an outcome 2, 3 or 4 has been recommended, you have the option to appeal this decision.  Information on how to do this would have been provided in your Outcome Letter. 

Further information can be found in the Gold Guide, section 4.125 - 4.148.  Please also see information on our website.

I am currently Out of Programme - do I need an ARCP?

If you are Out of Programme for researchexperience or career break (OOPR, OOPE or OOPC) you will still have an ARCP.  You will receive an Outcome 8.  Your ARCP notification email will confirm what evidence you need to submit.


I am currently on statutory leave (i.e. Maternity Leave, Sick Leave) - do I need an ARCP?

If you are on statutory leave, you will still have an ARCP.  However, you will receive a 'Not Assessed' ARCP Outcome.  This will confirm the reason that you have not been assessed so that we have consistent records throughout your training with us. 

You will still be required to submit an up to date Form R (Part B).  

Please remember to inform our Programmes team of any maternity leave dates or long term sickness dates so we can keep your records up to date: 

I want to take a Period of Grace following CCT – how do I organise this?

Trainees must discuss their intention to apply for a POG with their TPD prior to making an application. Trainees must apply in writing to their TPD for a POG at least six months prior to their CCT/CESR(CP) date. The application should be copied to the Programme Management team ( in HEE EoE. The maximum duration of a POG is six calendar months. Please follow this link to the HEE Period of Grace Guidance document for more information.


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