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A trainee can ask for a review of an outcome 2

A review is a process where an individual or a group who originally made a decision return to it to reconsider whether it was appropriate. They must take into account the representations of the person asking for the review and any other relevant information, including additional relevant evidence, whether it formed part of the original considerations or has been freshly submitted.


A trainee can ask for an appeal of an outcome 3 or 4

An appeal is a procedure whereby the decision of one individual or a group is considered by another (different) individual or body. Again, an appeal can take into account both information available at the time the original decision was made, newly submitted information and the representations of the appellant. Those involved in an appeal must not have played a part in the original decision or the review.


If you have received an outcome you are unhappy with you can contact for further information on the appeals process or take a look at the Appeals Policy (attached below).


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