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From August 2007 a new postgraduate specialty training structure was introduced.

Doctors entering specialty training programmes from August 2007 should follow The Gold Guide' (A Reference Guide for Postgraduate Specialty Training in the UK) 7th Edition.


Annual Review of Competence Progression (ARCP)

What is the Purpose of the Annual Review of Competence Progression (ARCP)?

The ARCP provides a formal process which uses the evidence gathered by the trainee, relating to his/her progress in the training programme. It should normally be undertaken on at least an annual basis for all trainees undertaking specialty training and will enable the trainee, the Postgraduate Dean and employers to document that the competences required are being gained at an appropriate rate and through appropriate experience. The process may be conducted more frequently if there is a need to deal with performance and progression issues outside the annual review. It is not in itself a means or tool of assessment.

The ARCP fulfills the following functions:

  • provide an effective mechanism for reviewing and recording the evidence related to a trainee’s performance within the training programme or in a recognised training post (fixed term specialty training appointment FTSTA and locum appointment for training LAT),
  • provide a means whereby the evidence of the outcome of formal assessments, through a variety of GMC approved workplace assessment tools and other assessment strategies, including examinations which are part of the assessment system are coordinated and recorded to provide a coherent record of a trainee’s progress,
  • provide a mechanism for the overview of out of programme experience and record its contribution, where approved, to progress,
  • provided adequate documentation has been presented, to make judgments about the competences acquired by a specialty trainee and their suitability to progress to the next stage of training if they are in a training programme, provided adequate documentation has been presented, to make a judgment about the competences acquired by a trainee in a fixed term specialty training appointment or LAT and to document these accordingly,
  • provide advice to the RO about Revalidation of the trainee to enable the RO to make a recommendation to the GMC when required,
  • provide a final statement of the trainee's successful attainment of the curricular competences including fulfillment of GMP for the specialty and thereby the completion of the training programme. This will enable the Postgraduate Dean to present evidence to the relevant College or Faculty so that it can recommend the trainee to the GMC for award of the CCT or CESR/CEGPR(CP).

The ARCP process is applicable to:

  • all specialty trainees (including general practice trainees, those in core training, less than full-time training and trainees in academic programmes) whose performance through a specialty training programme must be assessed to evaluate progression.
  • trainees in combined academic/clinical programmes, e.g. those in Academic Clinical Fellowships, Clinical Lectureships, Clinician Scientist appointments.
  • trainees who are out of programme with the agreement of the Postgraduate Dean.
  • trainees in Fixed Term Specialty Training Appointments (FTSTAs).
  • trainees in Locum Appointments for Training (LATs).


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