Our Exam Preparation

With the advent of the nMRCGP the AKT and CSA have become focal points for many of our learners. Whilst not aiming to coach specifically for the exams, we recognise the importance of them, and try to help in making the training as relevant as possible. 

We believe that success in the CSA in particular is related to hard-work, a wide clinical knowledge base and good communication skills. Somewhat similar to those required in real life General Practice. 

We spend a lot of time in the build up to the CSA exams with our ST3 group in the second half, helping to develop their communication skills.


Content Guide August 2014 FINAL: from Health  Education East of England

This is the RCGP information about the AKT:http://www.rcgp.org.uk/gp-training-and-exams/mrcgp-exam-overview/mrcgp-applied-knowledge-test-akt.aspx

Revision sites:




Stats document attached:Summary of all Statistics

Advise: start revising early up to 3 months before exam

Plan when you are going to take it( ST2 is the best time).