Our Education Programme

Our training programme is truly Leaner Led and has been so, very successfully, for a number of years. We spend someĀ  time each year on getting suggestions for topics and speakers for the weekly half-day release programme which takes place every Wednesday afternoon. (Apart from 2-3 weeks per year when we have a break from formal training).

In general we have an invited speaker for the first half of the afternoon, to lead an interactive session, and after a short break for afternoon tea together, we usually spend the second half in group work, facilitated by the Programme Directors.

We also evaluate every teaching session and provide feedback to the speakers, as well as considering ways of improving the programme based on the feedback we are given. Thus the educational programme is both learner led and learner evaluated.

The Programme Directors and GP Administrator also take into consideration ways of optimising the coverage of the GP curriculum throughout as an ongoing part of our role.

We incorporate regular sessions on communication skills training using video analysis, based around the Calgary-Cambridge model. These sessions again are very highly valued by our learners.