Our Practices

 We currently have 15 practices which support the King’s Lynn scheme that are involved with training including GP specialist trainees and F2 doctors. A number of local training practices also educate medical students both from the UEA in Norwich, and Cambridge. 

Several of our practices are involved with a number of different learner groups i.e. medical students, F2 doctors and GP specialist trainees. There are sometimes opportunities for the GP specialist trainees to be involved in education of both F2s and medical students. 

There is a wide variety of practices from both urban and rural settings. We encourage trainees to spend some of their training in each of these areas to enhance their understanding of the variation between different populations.

We try to give people a choice later on in their training scheme in terms of which practice they would like to spend time. Everyone will spend time in at least two practices during their scheme.

Everyone will spend either four or six months during ST1 in General Practice which helps gain a flavour of what it is all about before doing the bulk of the hospital posts.