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PLVE Validation Supervisor Application Forms  Summer 2019

The Validation Supervisor application process has been updated this year to align the process across the whole of the Midlands and East Region. The same forms and information on this page apply to everyone in each of the three Areas: West Midlands, East Midlands and East of England.

The forms for the 2019 Summer tranche of VS applications are available here. 

Please note the timeline here: 

  • Applications must be received at HEE by email by 10.00am on Friday 24th May 2019
  • Practice visits will be arranged during June and July before interviews
  • Interviews take place in: West Midlands 19th August 2019,  East Midlands 21st August 2019, East of England 22nd August 2019.  
  • VS Training Course September 2019

Please download the application form and also the supporting documents.

The Application Form is an interactive .pdf file and will respond to your individual circumstances. The form and its content will adapt to the area in which your practice is based. As you work through the form, boxes for comments and additional pages will open. Full and descriptive answers will help the selection panel greatly in their assessment of your application.

In order for the Application Form to function correctly it is essential that it is opened in Adobe Reader. This is a free download and if you do not have it installed on your computer you can obtain it from here:


Some computers are set up to open .pdf files in alternative programmes or web browsers. In particular Windows 10 tries to open the form in 'Edge' web browser, whilst Macs try to open the form in their own 'Preview' reader. The forms will then not open and differing error messages will appear.  To avoid these difficulties and to ensure that the forms are opened in Adobe reader, follow these steps. 

  • Download and save the forms .(pdf files) in a folder on your computer or desktop - do this by using a 'right click' on your mouse for the link to each form and then (depending on the web browser you use)  select 'Save Link as......'  or 'Save Target as.....' which will allow you to choose the folder into which you wish to save the individual forms.
  • Open Adobe Reader on its own, and then use the ‘File’ command (top left corner) and then ‘Open’ command to browse to the place where you have stored the application form .pdf file
  • Adobe Reader should then open the form and you should have no further problems. You will be asked to save the form with a new name. You can also save the form at any time whilst completing it and then return to it later.

Here are some supporting documents which you should read before you start completing your application. You can download and save each of these by using the link buttons. These two documents give you information about the Application Process and about Dental Foundation Training




The buttons below will download the 2019-20 HEE-M&E person and practice specifications.




Guidance about the Digital Signing process can be downloaded here.



Application Forms for All Applicants -

You need to download and save this form in a folder before opening it in Adobe Reader for completion. The best way to download this form is to 'right click' your mouse on the button and then (depending on the web browser you use)  select 'Save Link as......'  or 'Save Target as.....' which will allow you to choose the folder into which you wish to save the form:



IF you 'left click'  your mouse on the button, your web browser may try to open the form and then give a warning that it may not be able to display this .pdf form - if that is the case, look for the download button that will appear at the top right of  your screen and then you will be able to save the .pdf form in a folder of your choice. 


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