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Becoming a Validation Supervisor for PLVE

At this time, HEE is accepting applications only from practices that have already recruited a suitable candidate for PLVE.

The primary objective of the PLVE team is to increase the number of qualified dental performers in NHS practices, especially in areas of high need. We hope that by providing excellent training in a supportive environment we will attract and retain an exemplary dental workforce across the Midlands and East of England. We currently have a large number of approved practices across Midlands and East who have undergone a rigorous process to determine their suitability for this important work, but despite our efforts, many practices do not currently have a dental performer in place. For this reason, we are not taking any further applications at this time. We will regularly review PLVE capacity in the region and re-open applications based on need, so please check our website regularly for updates

However, If you already have an agreement with a performer who wants to take up Performers List Validation by Experience in your practice, HEE will accept your application. You must first ensure the performer has applied to join the National Performers List and has completed an HEE Validation by Experience Dentist (VED) application form. All of the information for performers wishing to complete this process can be found by clicking the link below. The performer does not need to wait until the NPL application is complete, they can apply to HEE concurrently.


As soon as your intended performer has submitted their NPL1 application to PCSE you may email PLVE.ME@hee.nhs.uk to request a Validation Supervisor (VS) application form for your practice and a VED application for your performer if they haven’t yet completed one. Please provide the name, GDC number, and email address of your VED when you contact us. ​

No applications will be issued unless the prospective VED can evidence that an NPL1 application is in process. ​

The Approval Process and Costs

All practices wishing to participate in Performers List Validation by Experience must agree to cover the costs of the practice approval processes. A payment agreement which includes the fees required will be sent to you along with your application. The applying Validation Supervisor (VS) will be responsible for the cost of the initial practice visit, selection interview and HEE supervisor training. Practice inspection and interview costs will apply irrespective of the outcome of the VS approval process. ​

There are further fees to cover the cost of the VED’s initial assessment, monitoring of progress, and assessment of the final ePortfolio. These costs may be covered by the practice, the VS, the VED, or a third party by written agreement. All information regarding the fees can be found in the Agreement Form included on the VED application page. ​

VED approval cannot be granted until NHS England has notified HEE that the performer has a signed ToA (Terms of Agreement) on record. HEE is committed to completing the VED application within six weeks of receiving the NHS ToA.

Supervisor and Practice approval will commence when all relevant application forms are completed and submitted to the HEE local office; we will make every effort to progress the VS application such that it will be completed in time with the VED approval if possible..

Please read the Person and Practice specifications below if you are interested in becoming a PLVE Validation Supervisor.





Please Note:

PLVE Midlands and East promotes the HEE Values & Behaviours which include “prioritising fairness, equality and consistency”. To that end we have set the following guidelines to ensure VED contracts are Fair and consistent.

The VED contracts must include:

  • a reasonable number of UDAs. The portfolio contains a requirement that the VED should complete a minimum of 2500 in a 12 month period.
  • a minimum UDA rate on £10 per UDA
  • a mentor fee can be agreed but no more than £500 per month to be paid by the VED.
  • if a maximum UDA quota is set the VED should not be subject to claw back if they fail to meet this quota
  • (all figures above are based on full-time working; the figures should be adjusted accordingly if less than full-time)
HEE also recommends employing incentives (not penalties) to encourage VEDs to remain at the practice following completion of the PLVE period and suggest that these should be included and clearly defined in the initial VED contract. It has been agreed that HEE reserve the right to refuse to enter into an Educational agreement with the VED and VS if they believe the proposed contract is unfair.

For any queries relating to Supervisor applications please contact plve.me@hee.nhs.uk


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