Out of Hours

PELC is the Partnership of East London Co-operatives

Whipps Cross Hospital, Whipps Cross Road, Leytonstone, E11 1NR

Currently there are 4 sessions dedicated to GP StR training (Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday evenings, and Sunday mornings).

The clinical supervisors are accredited trainers

Out of Hours trainers provide clinical supervision to GP StRs, but educational responsibility still lies with the trainer (as per COGPED). The well-designed Out of Hours training workbook has been sent to all trainers and GPRs. (If anyone needs copies, please contact Polly Bracken at the GP office 01279 827387)

The GP StRs are expected to start Out of Hours training with PELC after three months in post. They should contact Joy Glasgow, the VTS OOH co-ordinator and manager, on vtsadmin@pelc.nhs.uk WELL IN ADVANCE  to arrange their sessions as these get booked up many months ahead.

The GP StRs are expected to do a minimum of 12 sessions,each being a five hour period, two of which should be "in the car" as home-visiting doctor and the rest based in one of the OOH centres (currently King George Ilford and Whipps Cross Wanstead) - this totals 60 hours of PELC OOH training.

There is a shortfall of 12 hours for the GP StRs needing accreditation for the OOH training as per the Eastern Deanery requirement. We would suggest the following.

  • Four hours on different days at walk-in centres, observing the emergency work carried out in the centre (not working as a PELC OOH provider).  Please contact: Urgent Care Centre, Telephone: 01279 694775
  • Two hours in NHS Direct. (click for contact details)
  • Attendance at ESSAM (Essex Ambulance Service) - Please contact: Alan Westrip, Mobile: 07775 800285
  • The remaining four hours can be provided by tutorials (or using the website learning), addressing the theoretical part i.e. stress management, telephone consultations and communications

For full details of the statutary regulations surrounding OOH training please peruse the revised 2007 COGPED document below (complete with Appendices). The OOH workbook is also listed, although curiously this has never been formally updated from the original 2004 version.

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