The Applied Knowledge Test (AKT)

The AKT is a three hour computer-based multiple choice test comprising 200 questions. Question content is divided as follows:

  • 80% on clinical medicine
  • 10% on clinical appraisal and evidence based clinical practice
  • 10% on health informatics and administrative issues

When to take it?

It can be taken anytime after registering with the college. However the AKT focusses mainly on "higher order problem solving" rather than being merely a matter of factual recall, and reflects the breadth of problems encountered in British general practice. For this reason it is probably easier to pass once you have spent some time working in general practice. It is also why "Applied" is emphasised above.

If you are an Associate in Training each attempt costs £414 (£460 if you are not), so you don't want to fail this by taking it too early! Click here for full details and access to sample questions.

Latest feedback for teachers and learners

Feedback highlighting areas of national poor performance for all examination sittings are available on the RCGP website under AKT Summary Reports.