The vital importance of Work Place Based Assessment

It is easy for learners to become obsessively focussed on the AKT and CSA "exams" to the detriment of the WPBA element of nMRCGP, and their learning log in particular. However it is vital for you to understand that:

  • you CAN fail because of a poor learning log (despite ticking all the other boxes!)
  • the WPBA element and learning log contributes just as much to the decision-making process used by the ARCP panels as do the AKT and CSA.

Tips for writing quality learning log entries

  • Start straight away! - your educational supervisor can then critique to help you develop an effective style
  • Commit to a bare minimum of 3 entries / week, at least one of which should be a clinical encounter, to demonstrate curriculum coverage
  • Record half-day release sessions, and your key learning bullet points, under "lecture/seminar".
  • Every month, try to include at least one entry for each remaining category (professional conversation; tutorial; reading; course/cert; audit/project; significant event analysis; e-learning). Aim for balance!
  • Record your OOH sessions as you go along
  • Practice describing the psychosocial context of the clinical encounters you select from the outset - to encourage the "family doctor mindset"
  • Ensure at least 50% of your entries are not merely DESCRIPTIVE but also REFLECTIVE

Reflective Practice

This will support your professional development throughout your career - yet it is the part that learners have the most difficulty with initially. This is an area where early discussion with your Educational Supervisor can be particularly valuable, as he/she can help you modify your log entry style when required.

The resources below review the key elements of keeping an effective e-portfolio, describe the reflective approach, and provide check-lists of questions you can ask yourself to bring out reflective learning.