Educational Programme 

The Harlow half day release programme remains very much at the core of the programme's activities, with cross-year attendance (ST1,2 & 3) expected for the majority of sessions.

Some programmes have abandoned this approach; we strongly believe however that the cross-fertilisation of ideas, knowledge, skills - and, above all, atttitudes - between those still in hospital posts and GP Specialist Registrars remains a major strength of our scheme. It keeps ST1 and ST2 learners focussed on where they are ultimately heading, and fosters mutually supportive social and educational bonds. Learners regularly form their own study groups to aid preparation for AKT and CSA exams.

In addition we plan for one full residential each year, when we put a little distance between ourselves and Harlow by decamping to a conference venue for day and a half and get our teeth into some meaty and challenging topics. Recent residentials have included a full mock CSA exam (quite an eye-opener for ST1/2 learners, some of whom role-played patients!) in a (rather chilly) mansion in Norfolk, and a hair-raising presentation by a group of actors on Domestic Violence at Marygreen Manor (warm and cosy) in Brentwood.