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Restoring Efficiency of Registrants

As of 30th September 2021, we will not be accepting new referrals for GDC fitness to practice. We will however, be continuing to support anyone currently in this support system.

For information relating to the Dental Workforce Support service provided by HEE and, to obtain a copy of the Remediation Support Application Form as well as information regarding associated costs please contact DWS.EOE@HEE.NHS.UK

Our Dental Workforce Support Advisers, can give you a more detailed outline of the assistance Health Education England working across the Midlands and East can offer, along with our expectations of colleagues who are engaged in a remediation programme.

Templates for the PDP and Verifiable activity log can be downloaded at the bottom of this page.


You may also wish to read the following guidance on enhanced CPD:




Please note the following list is not intended to be exhaustive but they do offer valuable resources


British Society of Periodontology www.bsperio.org.uk 
Guidance on management of periodontal disease and timing of referrals

British Orthodontic Society www.bos.org.uk 
Guidance on IOTN

COPDEND www.copdend.org 
Various educational resources and on-line learning module

Dental Services Division (formerly DPB) www.nhsbsa.nhs.uk/dental

Archived information from previous publications in the Archive - Digests and Archive - Publications

Faculty of General Dental Practice www.fgdp.org.uk

Resuscitation Council UK www.resus.org.uk 
The publications section gives up to date guidance for practice teams on adult and paediatric BLS

Royal College of Surgeons of England https://www.rcseng.ac.uk/ 
Large amount of information in the clinical guidelines and publications section covering the following topics
Dental trauma
Endodontics including pulp therapy for deciduous teeth
Index of restorative treatment need
Paediatric Dentistry
Orthodontic extractions
Restorative dentistry


British Dental Association www.bda.org 
Some information and content is available free of charge but most is accessible only to members

Dental Indemnity Organisations
Some indemnifiers offer free downloads and verifiable CPD to their members, and there will be other defence organisations also

Dental Protection www.dentalprotection.org

The Dental Defence Union www.the-ddu.com/

Dentaljuice www.dentaljuice.com 
On-line verifiable CPD

Smile On www.smile-on.com 
On-line verifiable CPD

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