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East of England


The East of England offers an extensive range of simulation training tailored to trainees from a wide range of specialty areas. Simulation training is a fantastic opportunity to practice your skills in a safe and non-judgemental environment. We are committed to delivering high quality simulation training that is accessible throughout the region, so that no matter what specialty you work in and which hospital you are employed by, all of our doctors would have access to simulation training to further develop their clinical, leadership and teamwork skills. We have a dedicated team of Simulation Leads working across our Schools, Trusts and associated Higher Education Institutes to implement the regions simulation strategy. Simulation training is being increasingly used in postgraduate medical education, further enhanced by the continued development of capable technology. We are proud of our established simulation programs which occur early in Foundation years and continue until completion of training. Health Education England working across the east of England helps trainees to customise their training by providing the required curriculum simulation training and offering advanced courses at both a local trust and regional level. Bespoke simulation opportunities also exist for those trainees that need to return to work after a period of absence such as research, parental or illness leave as part of our commitment to the SuppoRTT program.


Health Education England working across the east of England's simulation strategy has been built by a steering group around a fully evaluated, coordinated, multi-professional approach targeted at improving patient safety and experience. A hub and spoke model has been adopted, with the hubs being based in the region’s Medical Schools and Higher Education Institutions and the spokes in Trusts. We have invested in employing Simulation Fellows to provide a platform for doctors within our region to develop skills in simulation training delivery as well as to work with trainees to improve upon the quality of the simulation training that is offered. Health Education England are working with our Simulation Fellows to devise and implement educational research projects to benefit doctors in our region. Our simulation providers are constantly searching for emerging technologies to assist development of skills in a safe environment such as virtual reality, enhanced e-learning and even fully immersive cadaveric training. We also appreciate that many trainees wish to become educators and we nurture  your commitment to education with multiple faculty training courses across the region.


Please speak to your relevant simulation lead for advice on what is available at your stage of training. Take a look at our simulation sites in the links below.