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Simulation Leads


Role and Responsibilities:

The information below details the responsibilities of a simulation lead. This list is not intended to be exhaustive, the simulation lead must use his/her judgement to identify and fulfil other duties relevant to the role.


Education and Training Roles

The Simulation Lead should:

  • Ensure that he/she has sufficient time in his/her job plan to fulfil the role before agreeing to take it on
  • Develop and maintain a detailed personal knowledge of simulation theory and methodology
  • Be a member of the LEP’s Education Committee; he/she should attend meetings of this group whenever possible.
  • Liaise with his/her LEP’s DME/Clinical Tutor, Non-Medical Clinical Tutor, College Tutors, Clinical Skills Lead, supervisors and learners to set priorities for simulation activity in his/her LEP
  • Set achievable objectives for simulation activity in his/her LEP
  • Lead the development and delivery of local simulation events either within the LEP or within an appropriate simulation hub (which will generally be based in a Medical School or other Higher Education Institute)
  • Promote participation of learners and trained staff from all professions in simulation activity
  • Identify and provide support to a faculty of simulation facilitators
  • Promote the use of simulation as a learning opportunity, highlighting its advantages, including the improvement of patient safety and experience
  • Promote simulation activity as a legitimate use of trainer time that should be recognised within job plans
  • Ensure relevant induction programmes include information on how to engage in simulation activity
  • Encourage learners to regularly visit the simulation section of the HEEoE website and other relevant national websites
  • Encourage and facilitate attendance of faculty and learners at local, regional and national simulation events
  • Assist, when requested, with the delivery of local, regional and national simulation events
Learner and Trainer Support

The Simulation Lead should:

  • Maintain and advertise a list of local, regional and national simulation activity which is available to learner’s in his/her LEP
  • Ensure that all learners whose curricula require participation in specific simulation activity are provided with the appropriate opportunities to do so
  • Identify and provide specific advice and support to learners who are failing to engage in required simulation activity
  • Provide support to current simulation faculty
  • Ensure that potential simulation faculty have the opportunity to undergo appropriate training
  • Provide support to learners and/or faculty who wish to make presentations at local, regional and/or national simulation events
Support for HEE, EoE

The Simulation Lead should:

  • Act as the first point of contact for simulation activity between HEE, EoE and his/her LEP
  • Oversee bids for funding for simulation activity in his/her LEP
  • Provide information to HEE, EoE about simulation activity when requested
  • Attend meetings of the HEE, EoE Simulation Board when invited
  • Publicise details of local, regional and national simulation events including those organised by or on behalf of HEE, EoE and encourage learners to attend them
  • Disseminate other information from HEE, EoE to learners, e.g. about publications, educational events and other developments relevant to simulation
  • Ensure that feedback is sought from all delegates attending simulation activities organised and/or funded by or on behalf of HEE, EoE
  • Send this feedback to the HEE,EoE
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