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Mentorship is increasingly recognised as a bidirectional process benefiting both mentors & mentees.


Why Be A Mentor?

The GMC states, in "Duties of A Doctor" that:

"You should be willing to take on a mentoring role for more junior doctors and healthcare professionals"

However, Mentors can gain a lot from the process themselves. Some possible benefits include:

  • Satisfaction from seeing your Mentee develop
  • ​An opportunity to share your knowledge and experience
  • Developing your own communication, educational and leadership skills
  • Enhancing your own work performance
  • More self-awareness and insight
  • A different perspective on your own practice
  • Improved team moral and satisfaction in junior colleagues
  • Confirmation of the value of your own knowledge and experience
  • A new challenge

So what do you need to be a good Mentor?  We have created a person specification to give you an idea of the qualities need to be a Mentor that you can download here.  



Mentoring Masterclass Videos 

Are you interested in becoming a Mentor? Would you like to access high quality mentorship training to support you on that journey?

Why not check out our Mentoring Masterclass Online Video. This succinct 30 minute video goes over the fundamentals of mentoring in small bite sized topics. Details can be found here.

  • What is Mentorship? - The basics of Mentoring
  • Skills & Qualities - What are the skills and qualities needed?
  • The Mentoring Relationship - What are the principles of the relationship?
  • Pitfalls & Dilemmas - What can go wrong and how to prevent it.
  • Models for Mentoring - Exploring different models for mentoring.
  • Moving Forwards - Setting up a scheme and putting it into practice.


You can find links to external resources that may be of interest to you here

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