Why choose the Bury St Edmunds GP Speciality Training Programme?

We take a balanced and proactive approach to learning with the aim of producing high calibre GPs with the knowledge, skills and experience required to succeed in their future career.

ImageTeaching excellence

Our integrated training programme is based on the curriculum developed by the Royal College of General Practitioners and is widely praised for its clear and comprehensive structure.  We combine specialist teaching and class-based workshops with in-practice teaching, hospital posts and independent learning.

Strong examination results and great career prospects

GPs who complete our programme are well prepared and therefore highly attractive to potential employers or GP partnerships. In keeping with RCGP’s ethos, we aim to give GP’s the skills to work in any primary care setting they choose to in the UK, as well as teaching them about the local health system in West Suffolk. In keeping with our previous successful pass rates, a high proportion of trainees passed their Clinical Skills Assessment (CSA) and Applied Knowledge Test (AKT) exams in 2016. 87.5% of our trainees passed CSA on their first attempt, and 100% after two attempts. 94% of our trainees passed their AKT on their first attempt, and 100% after two attempts.

A great place to live, work and learn

ImageSuffolk is a wonderful place to live with great transport links and plenty to do.  Attractions include castles, medieval towns, stately homes and more.  There are plenty of sports centres, pubs and restaurants to choose from, and a variety of festivals to enjoy, particularly in the summer months.

A welcoming and social environment

While we remain fiercely proud of our pass rate, it is important that trainee GPs enjoy their time with us and establish a positive work life balance that will benefit their entire working life.  From the welcome evening through to the annual end of term' Ceremony of Success'.