Why Choose Norforlk GPSTP - Gt Yarmouth & Waveney Locality

Right from the start, the emphasis is on General Practice as you rotate through various 
specialties; making you aware of the learning and experience you will need to become a GP. 
Most people will spend six months in a general practice in either ST1 or ST2 years. 
Throughout, there is ongoing support for MRCGP .

Teaching and preparation for all parts of this are fully integrated as part of the half-day 
release scheme. 

Some reasons for joining us 
We asked the question: Why should you come to Norfolk?

The Broadland Gt Yarmouth & Waveney locality is:

  • Relaxed and friendly atmosphere 
  • Good social life amongst GPSTR 
  • Great bunch of people on Programme 
  • Educational, in a refreshing way 
  • Variety of topics and learning & teaching styles 
  • Specialty Trainees and GPSTR groups work together and separately 
  • Good exam preparation 
  • High academic standards yet relaxed friendly atmosphere 
  • Responsive to needs, willing to change focus at request of trainees 
  • Wide range of skills taught, not just clinical 

The Programme Directors' reasons: 

  • Norfolk is a great place to live and work - a lovely location, with good quality of life for the GPSTRs. 
  • The Broadland GPSTP members are always good: high quality doctors, know how to have fun 
  • Excellent training practices, rural and urban - enthusiastic and committed Trainers, who enjoying teaching their GPSTRs 
  • Top quality half-day release course led by well-motivated and experienced Programme Directors 
  • Good teaching from hospital Consultants 
  • Excellent job prospects in the locality both full- and part-time in this delightful part of England 
  • The course equips you with all the skills you need to practice with confidence as a young Principle 
  • Genuine warmth, trust and openness within the GPSTP group 
  • Good social events
Thursday, 6 December, 2018
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