General Advice for Training While in Practice

  1. At the start of, and during, their attachment, the registrar may sit in with their trainer and other members of the practice. The aim of this period is to: 
        a)become familiarised with the working of the practice; 
        b)observe the trainer’s and other partner’s methods of working; 
        c) be introduced to patients. 
  2. It is also useful to observe other members of the practice team at work – e.g. district nurse, health visitors, receptionists etc. 
  3. When first working on their own, the GPStR’s consultation rate should be slow. However, towards the end of the placements they should be working under the normal pressures of a principal in that practice. 
  4. An exchange of GPStR’s in practice may be useful so that they can appreciate the different ways that practices are run. 
  5. The registrar is expected to do a project within the practice. For example, a study of repeat prescriptions or an audit of how certain well defined diseases such as diabetes or hypertension are managed. 
  6. It is instructive for the trainer either to sit in while a registrar is consulting or to video tape that surgery and offer some constructive criticism after the surgery finishes.